Watch: I Am The One Who Divorced Oliver Mtukudzi. He Wanted Me To Stay.

Ex-wife to the late Oliver Mtukudzi, Melody Murape, spoke to the media recently that she’s the one who divorced Oliver Mtukudzi because she didn’t want a polygamous marriage. Murape says in the video:

“I refused to be in a polygamous marriage. Once it was clear that someone else was in the picture, I surrendered… I am the one who divorced him. People should understand that… All kinds of lies have circulated. He didn’t divorce me. When I left, he cried. He even locked the doors for a week, so that I wouldn’t leave. I just said I didn’t want polygamy.



Oliver Mtukudzi

Oliver Mtukudzi, also known as "Tuku" (short for Mtukudzi) was a singer-songwriter, actor, writer, film director and entrepreneur. With over 60 albums to his name, he was one of Zimbabwe's top musicians and lead of the band The Black Spirits. His music was mainly in... Read More About Oliver Mtukudzi

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