Oliver Mtukudzi Asked His Neglected Daughters For Forgiveness Just Before He Died

Oliver Mtukudzi’s first wife Melody Murape revealed that the late national hero asked for his daughters’ forgiveness for not supporting them while he was on his deathbed.

In an interview with H-Metro, Melody Murape, who is the mother of Mtukudzi’s eldest daughters Selmor and Sandra, regretted not helping his daughters while he has helped other musicians. Melody is quoted as saying:

He said forgive me, my daughters, I have helped a number of musicians, but I have done nothing to you.

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The good thing is that he realised it before his death. He (Tuku) even apologised to his daughters and specifically Selmor.

Mtukudzi established his Pakare Paye Arts in Norton where he groomed several musicians and collaborated with others.

In an interview with journalist Wonder Guchu in 2012, Mtukudzi’s daughter Selmor revealed that her father did not support her musical career. She lamented that with her father’s support, she would go places with her musical talent.


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11 comments on “Oliver Mtukudzi Asked His Neglected Daughters For Forgiveness Just Before He Died

  1. The way melody is even in the death of Tuku shows that she is the reason for the rift between Tuku and his daughters. 30years after the divorce and even in his death she is publishing damaging remarks etc. Can the man rest in peace please. Imhosva here juve celebrity? Melody has never moved on and she regrets leaving Oliver although she left him when he was a struggling musician

  2. Zvemarelationships evanhu zvonetsa vaviri ndivo vaizivana bt one thing i know in life nyangwe tikaudzana zvakadii melo nababa vevana vake communicated somewhr somehow saka isu vamwe vese tingapedza nguva tichingopa macomments evanhu anozivana kutodarika maziviro atinoita nezvavo

  3. Melody has made quite a few damaging remarks since Tuku’s death. It’s so embarrassing and unbecoming. Doesn’t she have advisors vanomitsiura?

  4. Wat demands dd she make if i may ask, ppl always look at the bad pane mukadzi asisipo for the why, she is juss saying tuku apologised to his daughters coz vanhu totaurisa we never stop commenting i think pakambobuda yetension yaTuku naSelmor and many might be wondering if he died vakunzwanana baba nemwana …. tuku dd a very good thing by asking his daughters forgiveness & its also a lesson to everyone

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