About Us

Pindula News makes the news easier to read and consume for our local audience. We keep it simple. Avoiding unnecessary complex words and phrasing. We also avoid excessive bias and opinion. Pindula News is just about the news of the day, presented simply.

Our news contains original journalism and existing news broken down into its simple form, for easier reading.

Pindula News is a sub-project of the of the wider Pindula, which is on pindula.co.zw, our effort of profiling everything Zimbabwean… we do it because when you look, it’s shocking how much local information is not easily discoverable online.

Our news here includes an “about” section to help us and you the reader get more context on the news itself.

You can visit us at the following physical address

  • 30 Marlborough Drive, Marlborough, Harare


Pindula can be contacted at the following contact numbers:

  • +263 732 464 000 
  • +263 775 964 835


The Team:

  • Taya Zvikaramba
  • Maveriq Matara
  • Limbikani Makani
  • Leesa Mhereyenyoka
  • Jonathan Chikasha
  • James Chibwana
  • Rufaro Madamombe


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