About Pindula News

Pindula believes that every local person can share locally relevant information that improves other local people and others beyond local. Locally relevant information is the key to progressive individuals, communities and the world.

Pindula News provides trustworthy, timely and easy to read news. The news has to be straight to the point and stripped of bias and propaganda as much as possible. We believe that trustworthy, timely, and easy to read news helps everyone make more progressive decisions.

We have gained a reputation as one f the most trusted sources for Zimbabwean News. This is why our news summaries have been quoted and used by global news brands such as:

Audience Reach

As of March 2019, Pindula is visited 1.2 million times a month and it’s pages viewed 4.6 million times.

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  • hello@pindula.com

The Company

Pindula was launched in 2014 as a subsidiary of Techzim. Since 2017, Pindula was spun off to become an independent operation. Our model of business is advertising and eCommerce.

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The Team

  • Limbikani Makani – CEO
  • Rosaline Masayile – Native Content Manager
  • Lovemore Muzira – News Editor
  • Advent Shoko – News Editor
  • Our Readers