Zimbabweans React To The Release Of Wadyajena On Bail

Earlier this evening a magistrate in Harare released Justice Mayor Wadyajena and his accomplices on $200 000 bail. Wadyajena, a Zanu-PF legislator is accused of corruption in a case involving US $5 million at Cottco, a government-owned company.

We have compiled here some reactions by Zimbabweans on Twitter:

Raisedon Baya:

You steal USD $5 000 000. You get arrested and are given bail of ZW 200 000 bond which is about $200 USD🙄🙄🙄 This shows our justice system is in the hands of a puppet master.

Temba Mliswa:

The prompt release of Wadyajena in his corruption case, when juxtaposed with the continued unjust incarceration of @JobSikhala1 shows that the justice system is about who you are and what money you have. It’s not even about the crime you have committed.

We are never going to win the fight against corruption operating with an uneven scale of justice. I even feel for those mandated with fighting corruption. Their job is certainly not for the faint-hearted. You can’t blame @ZACConline here it’s clear where the rot is!


Lance Guma:

“So only Wadyajena is presumed innocent until proven guilty and Sikhala and Sithole are guilty until they are proven innocent ?????”


Robson Chere:

In Zimbabwe an Opposition MP @JobSikhala1 arriving at Court in leg irons for speaking truth by calling for justice to the victim of political violence, while a ruling Zanu pf MP Wadyajena who is involved in a corruption scandal of more than $5 Mil (usd) arrives at walking freely.

Sikhala vs Wadyajena at court


ZimDaily Cartoon

Hopewell Chin’ono:

A ZANUPF political thief who stole US$5 million has been granted bail.

2 opposition MPs who were calling for justice to be done after an opposition supporter was murdered by a ruling party thug are spending their third month in prison without trial!


Majaira Jairosi:

Exactly like I said. You can’t arrest a member of @edmnangagwa ‘s criminal syndicate & except him/her to spend more than a night in prison.

To deal with the scourge of corruption in Zimbabwe, we must deal with Mnangagwa & his criminal enterprise. He must be removed from power.

Fadzayi Mahere:

🟡Real criminals walk free while the innocent are jailed without trial for 63 days. Does the Constitution only apply to Zanu PF? How come the presumption of innocence and the right to bail are not accorded to those who aren’t connected?

We need new leaders.🇿🇼

Freeman Chari:

Some animals are more equal than the other. Job Sikhala and the Nyatsime 13 have been denied bail numerous times but fraudsters are let loose!

Cde Never Maswerasei:

Just as I told you yesterday, the boy criminal has been granted bail while political picketers are kept in the dock with a minimum of a December bail timeline. This is the end of this Gokwe Nembudziya story. It’s back to looting some more. New wheels soon.


I thought money laundering is a serious offence. There is whole bill in parliament and we are told the aim is to curb money laundering but an Member of Parliament charged with money laundering gets US$200 bail. #Asakhe

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2 comments on “Zimbabweans React To The Release Of Wadyajena On Bail

  1. Zvinonyadzisa to be the laughing stock of all sane people ! An own goal by the judicial system once again !

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