MUGABE Family Bars ZANU PF Bigwigs From Attending Funeral

The family of the late former president of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe has barred some top government and ZANU PF officials from attending his funeral.

Zim Live, a local publication reports that Zanu PF chairperson and defence minister Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri and the party’s political commissar and deputy defence minister Victor Matemadanda were told that they were not welcome.

The decision is said to have been reached at by the inner core of the Mugabe family, the Karigamombe clan, during an emotional family meeting held at Kutama in Zvimba district on Friday, hours after Mugabe’s death at a Singapore hospital was announced.

The Karigamombe clan is also expected to announce soon where he will be buried. Reports suggest that Mugabe had before his death snubbed the National Heroes Acre merely because he does not want his funeral presided over by his longtime apprentice and successor, President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Speaking to Zim Live, an unnamed family source reportedly said:

People were very emotional. There was a lot of anger that Albert and Walter were refused their passports to go and visit their uncle in his final days.

There was also a lot of anger towards some Zanu PF officials who said a lot of awful things about Mugabe when he was alive but will now take centre stage assuming charge of his funeral.

Matemadanda and Muchinguri, in particular, will not be welcomed, they said some unretractable things and their presence can only add insult to injury.

Matemadanda and Muchinguri led a number of ZANU PF officials who have been stripping Mugabe of several of his honours including the title “CDE” which signifies inclusion in the party.

They also said that Mugabe would not be buried at the National Heroes Acre since he was a sellout.

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23 comments on “MUGABE Family Bars ZANU PF Bigwigs From Attending Funeral

  1. That is correct the family must put their stamp. That useless Heroes acre full of thieves is not special. Let the will of the Mugabe prevail. Oppah and Mataemadanda must not be seen near the body of Mugabe. Surprisingly a lot of people have seen light at the end. This new dispensation team is now exposed.

  2. Mugabe is not a tool that can be used for political milleage. If he want his final resting place away from all the thieves he put there then so be. Respect his last wish

  3. He was/is the Godfather of those thieves,looters and malcontents lying there and its befitting that he joins them at the cemetery acre.

    1. Wafawanaka…Is our black tradition. What the old man did or did not do is all water under the bridge now. What has become of our Africanness? How do we expect to move forward with all this baggage of hatred?

      1. Move forward I am glad you can. All this destruction he left behind our families all over the world due his governance. Yes he is resting we are reaping from the Mugabe rule every day.

      2. Excellent my thought exactly let bygones be the family should know Bob overstayed and such was bound to happen just tell the family to step aside that man whether he likes or not is an international hero no doubt about it

  4. Mugabe is a national hero. The nation will decide. If they mske it a family thing, the family will be left exposed. Mugabe was not pure to all. Some lost lives and property but they honouring him

  5. Bob built hero’s acre as a haven for thieves ………his fam knows this …. bit he must join his brothers… hope the RBZ who cannot even pay zesa are not trying to pay for this circus . Let the fam pay they looted plenty

  6. Ngaawigwe paheroes kana mafamily member vasingadi let them do everything alone without gornment.s help kuvigwa kuvigwa hazvina kanabasa

  7. He stole billions of dollars while the currency declined to worthless. Millions looking for daily food while he contemplated his next foreign home purchase. How could anyone think he was anything but bad for the country. Nothing has changed since he began- no industry, no jobs, massive corruption, repression.

    1. Am waiting for the day of gamatox crocodile mnangagwa the poison u ate on that iceam is eating u slowly u will follow Bob soon

  8. Kkkkk – some news publications are just unbelievable – very childish! Who among the Mugabe family can bully the government? They are not the government or nation, but just beneficiaries of Mugabe’s misdeeds. Mugabe will be buried at Heroes Acre, because he belongs there!

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