“You’re A Stinking Hypocrite” – Jonathan Moyo Responds To Strive Masiyiwa

Jonathan Moyo has called Zimbabwean billionaire Strive Masiyiwa a “lumpen democrat and a stinking hypocrite”. He was responding to comments by Masiyiwa on Facebook where he said that Moyo had been involved in the shutting down of Masiyiwa’s newspaper.

Said Moyo:

Strive, you’re a lumpen democrat & a stinking hypocrite. You claim not to read @Twitter, yet you twisted @dewamavhinga‘s TL , hoping to cost him his job. You shut down your paper by illegally not registering it. Recently you called the leader of your paper’s bombers, “sincere”!


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5 comments on ““You’re A Stinking Hypocrite” – Jonathan Moyo Responds To Strive Masiyiwa

  1. It’s the former minister himself who is a lumpen.Strive did greater things for this country than the former minister.If he thinks scolding Masiyiwa will make many people despise him he’s wrong.Zimbos who suffered under the overzealousness of the G40 losers know very well how the former minister and his comrades are so dumb.History shows that everyone who opposed Strive Masiyiwa in the past found themselves being the losers.Masiyiwa family’s love for Zimbabwe is there for everyone to see.The real issue here is that some of these goons who oppressed us before now feel that Masiyiwa would be co-opted into Zanu PF thereby effectively killing their hope of coming back into Zanu.Only a group of losers and some agents of western hypocrisy are attacking Strive.Human Rights Watch is based in the USA where there is a slow genocide against the black population as the U.S. police shoot black men to death and is the HRW doing something to stop that.

  2. Mkoma Jonso,Strive wamunotuka mainnovations ake atiraramisa,imi enyu need to be repealed…Let’s be serious mkoma.Its not even funny.

  3. Why do upstanding hard working people like Mr Strive stoop to respond to comments from such lowly degenerates with blood on their hands. Lest we forget, the poor murdered child whose blood cries from the ground and the others. Occultists sitting in power and drawing power from the suffering of the people should be exposed more and shamed out. How long will our country remain under this demonic oppression? The lives of those in public office should bear public scrutiny so as people know when they vote that they are voting for an occultist. Let none crawling from under rocks and hiding again be allowed to govern God fearing people. Zimbabwe remains one of the few places encouraging dark powers all in the name of tradition, therefore if our nation has to come out from the grip of these powers an open monitoring of these so called leaders has to be done. In other parts of the world public figures are monitored and exposed daily and if Zimbabwe is a true democracy then the freedoms related to democracy have to be unrestricted. Why are we allowing Chinese censorship to hide devils in power? People of Zimbabwe ought to reject these oppressions otherwise we make a mockery of the blood of loved ones who died during the liberation struggle for our independence. Monitor these calling themselves leaders and expose their nefarious activities. The future is in our hands and all we have to do is reject evil and all its ramifications. Papers speaking truths will be closed down under an oppressive rule and we celebrate independence? What a joke? The nation of Zimbabwe cannot be slaves who love their chains, we are bigger than that. Can a few ranting, demonic individuals continue to steal our natural resources, engoging their fat bellies and fat egos with the aid of their greedy equally demonic Jezebels on what belongs to the people? Forty years have gone past without the benefit and the joy of independence being witnessed but remaining an elusive illusion. The world won’t help us, they await to tear us apart when we cannot even stand, each claiming a trophy of what belongs to us for themselves. Will we wait for the few in power to drag us down to the point when we cannot even breathe? Lest we forget the true reason our loved ones died for our independence. A very concerned Zimbabwean who loves their nation.

  4. Nyika yedu was doomed because of his actions achibatsirana ne the rest of inconsiderate figures who were meant to dominate the humble and choice less subjects, vana ve Zimbabwe, please let go.

  5. Strive, You better avoid defending the wayward wife. She is becoming something else and why not sit down with your wife and talk things over. Do not provoke people like Prof Moyo, such people are extremely dangerous when it comes the use of the tongue.concentrate on what you know better. If you have faith in your own country come back and relocate your Headquarters from South Africa. I donot think Jonathan personally bombed your printing press, it was done by the system and that system is still there and remember that systems do go easily.

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