FULL TEXT: Irvine’s Zimbabwe Requirements For Broiler Contract Growing


Contract growing chickens for Irvine’s Zimbabwe (IZIM) is when the grower enters into a contract with Irvine’s Zimbabwe to grow broiler chickens on behalf of the company.

The Grower rears broilers for a specified period of time, delivers them to Irvine’s and the site rests during which cleaning and disinfection are carried out.

Irvine’s Zimbabwe provides the day-old chicks, feed, transport for the day-old chicks, feed and collection of birds for slaughter; vaccines, medication, cleaning chemicals and technical expertise; while the grower provides the infrastructure, labour and sourcing of inputs for the rearing period for the birds.

The grower is responsible for the birds’ outcome from the day of receipt till delivery to Irvine’s.

Minimum requirements for site

  • Minimum number of birds per site: 60,000 birds (30,000 birds per pen)
  • Site must be at least 10 hectares
  • Radius from Harare: 100kms
  • Site must be at least 7km from other poultry/piggery rearing sites
  • Site must have adequate water supply; back up storage of portable water
  • Site must be isolated from residential stands, small plots & rural setup
  • Poultry house are to be constructed according to Irvine’s set standard
  • Minimum standard of equipment: Automated poultry equipment for feed, water and heating
  • Site must be easily accessible from Main Highway: all weather access road
  • Owner having Immovable property to declare as Contract collateral / Security

Details of costs/payment structures are provided to those meeting the minimum requirements above.

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9 comments on “FULL TEXT: Irvine’s Zimbabwe Requirements For Broiler Contract Growing

  1. Have a hectare in juru,. Need to see the standard and type of your chicken runs so that i build the infrastructure. That meets your requirements

  2. Very good project but the required standards are too high for beginners.
    This is for big people which are well established already.

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