A Blast From The Past: I was Taught To Kill, Destroy – ED

Close to a decade ago, President Mnangagwa, while he was still the minister of defence, said before he turned to Jesus he was a trained killer. Newsday reports

Mnangagwa said this while addressing mourners at his brother’s funeral in Kwekwe:

For those of us comrades who were taught to destroy and kill and have seen the light in the last days of our lives, and will die in Christ, our rewards are in heaven. I am a gentleman and have found favour in the eyes of God because I have accepted Him with all my heart.

Mnangagwa who is called Ngwena(crocodile) has been fingered in the 1980s killings of Matabeleland people in a genocide known as Gukurahundi and he has over the last few years presided over a government that thwarts opposition protests with an iron fist despite describing himself as soft as wool.

Source: Newsday 

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5 comments on “A Blast From The Past: I was Taught To Kill, Destroy – ED

  1. Mr President, I do not doubt that you have been forgiven by Christ the Redeemer. But do you realise that by virtue of your office of President you are responsible and therefore guilty of the deaths and torture and spurious arrests and harrassment of innocent citizens. And if, and I stress, if, anyone has genuinely transgressed he/she is still entitled to thier dignity and to be treated fairly, as a human being. Your confession that you were a trained killer until you turned to Jesus is hollow while the police, army and CIO, who are your agents, carry out heinous and barbaric acts.

  2. If we’re to go by the saying “Once a killer always a killer”, then I’m one of those who must be justified if I don’t believe what Mnangagwa’s statement.He should actually quote John 10 verse 10 which says “The thief comes only to kill,to steal and to destroy”, which he is actually doing at the present moment in our beloved country.

  3. Please please we’re not fools Mr President ED. People are still dying, tortured, raped. Your army, police ans State Agent doing your dirty work. You’re still the same, no change. Why are you still killing fellow Zimbabweans, Lying to Zimbabweans and the rest of the world Covering up for your colleagues (corruption, looting, killings, tortures of civilians, students, activists, peaceful protesters, journalists #FreeHopewell)
    Commandment 5. Thou shalt not kill! Commandment
    Commandment 7. Thou shalt not steal! (Corruption)
    Commandment 8.Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor!

    #FreeZimbabwe #Zimbabweanlivesmatter

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