We Are No Longer Short Of Foreign Exchange – Eddie Cross

Economist Eddie Cross writing for the Newsday said the foreign currency shortage in this country is gone. Cross was listing his Christmas wishlist when he said:

…We are no longer short of foreign exchange. In 2019, the fundamental reforms implemented under the Transitional Stabilisation Programme have given a huge boost to our export industries and official inflows of hard currency has exceeded our needs for the very first time in many years. My estimate is that total receipts this year will exceed US$7 billion while direct imports of all our essentials will only reach US$5,6 billion.

However, fuel, medication and electricity are still in short supply despite Eddie’s declarations.

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6 comments on “We Are No Longer Short Of Foreign Exchange – Eddie Cross

  1. Are we stupid or something . Lies lies lies. Everyday of our lives must be rort with rubbish talk and no action. My question is and always will be is where is all the country’s wealth going to? Where? Paying debts can only be part of it and we all are aware the stealing of our resources etc continues unabated. Ed you and ZanuPf are complete morons with no intentions of bringing our country back into the black.
    Let me remind you you are not fighting a war anymore . Your fight is more about holding onto your muzondo than looking after us . You sellouts.

  2. Really international experts psychiatric therapy are urgently required to handle this very unusual ailment afflicting Eddie Cross.

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