WATCH: VP Chiwenga Likens Zimbabwe 1980-2020 To Israelites’ Journey From Egypt

Vice President Constantino Chiwenga has likened Zimbabwe’s situation to that of the Israelites who travelled for 40 years from Egypt to Canaan.

He said the Israeli people could have travelled for only six days but delayed. Chiwenga added that no situation was permanent saying that the Zimbabwean situation can be solved.

Watch the video below for more.

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9 comments on “WATCH: VP Chiwenga Likens Zimbabwe 1980-2020 To Israelites’ Journey From Egypt

  1. Yingakho bebhayiza abaholi base Africa bakhuluma ngezinto zeIsrael besehluleka ukukhuluma ngokwabo Nehanda laboChaminuka

  2. The difference is that Moses and his leadership team were clever, were not thieves and had a clear goal, that of reaching The promised Land with his people sharing everything they had. But Mugabe and his ZANU PF did not know where to take their people to and in the process they invited Asian criminals who massively looted the country’s resources. More than US$15 billion was lost to thieves leaving their people to languish in poverty. It was easy for the criminals to fix such ignorant leadership; simply undervalue their diamonds and the loot it all and give them peanuts. Kkkkkk sad but painful. The story is long.

  3. The story of Zimbabwe is a painful one because we believe we have a country but we don’t. Foreign criminals own Zimbabwe today. Our leaders are nothing but simply puppets, that’s why Munangagwa is unable to fight corruption because it’s just too deep. In fact corruption is his Master. How do one fights his Master, sir? (Kutengisa nyika/ Ukuthengisa ilizwe).

  4. He has no grasp of the scriptures. Israel was delivered from oppression under pharaoh, and rebelled against God at Kadesh Barnea, thus they wandered 40 years in the wilderness until they came to Canaan, a land flowing with milk and honey. Zimbabwe’s journey under Zanu-PF has been the reverse. We have come out of the land flowing with milk and honey, lost our fear of God and his covering, have walked into the wilderness for 40 years under increasing hardship, and are now under the yoke of oppression and servitude under pharaoh.

  5. You will find it is the white community that has more in common with the Israelites than the zanu thugs
    I think his trip to china has given him a new angle too Persue compliments of Beijing

  6. When ever a zanu big wig pig goes to china you can expect never ending lying political misery to follow them and those they dictate too

  7. A profoundly misplaced joke, which Bible, Moses and Israelites are being referred to herein, what a circus.

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