FULL THREAD: “Strategy For MDC To Retain And Effectively Motivate Supporters In These Trying Times,”

Freeman Chari, a prominent member of the MDC and a technology entrepreneur based in the USA has recommended ways through which the opposition MDC led by Nelson Chamisa can retain supporters at the same time avoiding supporters’ demoralisation.
His remarks suggest that some MDC supporters may decide to be politically inactive if they continue to face tribulation.
Chari’s remarks also come when the state has been violent to opposition MDC supporters and the police’s use of extreme force to disperse party supporters who were gathered at the party’s Headquarters recently where Chamisa was delivering his Hope of the Nation Address can be a case in point.

Posting on Twitter, Chari said:

I am not asking MDC to do extra-ordinary things. All I am saying is, if an MDC member’s house is burnt down, we should be there to rebuild it with a better and stronger one in 3 weeks. If one of ours is killed, their family should never want for anything. That should be priority

“Unofira Mahara!” should never be a statement that touches an MDC member. MDC should be the best friend of its resilient members. When we were student leaders & were expelled many people laughed at us but when Nordic countries offered scholarships perceptions changed.

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