Zimbabweans React To: Strive Masiyiwa’s Offer To Help Pay Doctors’ Salaries In Zimbabwe

Yesterday, one of Zimbabwe’s wealthiest families, the Masiyiwa family, offer to help pay for doctor’s salaries and medical equipment through their non-profit foundation.

The offer has received a mixed reaction from some Zimbabweans on social media with one group criticising the family for overstepping their role as a foundation and others praising them for taking responsibility to help end the ongoing health crisis in the country.

We list below some of the reactions:

It’s his money of course, but you can’t escape the feeling that a man who thinks Emmerson Mnangagwa is “sincere” is trying to buy time for Zanu PF. Happy to be wrong because ultimately, our doctors need money and patients their doctors @zimlive – Mduduzi Mathuthu

Should problem solving be personalized? What is needed to make Zimbabwe a winner? The issue of doctors does not require a sellotape job. It requires introspection before any knee jerk reaction because the problems are far too big – Mutumwa Mawere

Strive Masiyiwa for the enormous public service initiative while gov addresses the long term issues. Thats what we call patriotism on display not people who claim to have fought to liberate Zim and in return put it in chains again – Pedzisayi Ruhanya

Dear Zimbabweans It is not Strive’s responsibility to pay doctors or any civil servant.All donations in the name of kindness kills agency in citizens & creates a free rider crisis. Citizens have to demand their government to deliver. After 6 months you are back to this & what

Philanthropic work while commendable should always be subjected to a critique. The donation from Strive is a short term fix to a government that has very misplaced priorities. 3 critical issues to look at )Timing 3)Impact 3) Amounts. – Glen Sungano Mpani

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4 comments on “Zimbabweans React To: Strive Masiyiwa’s Offer To Help Pay Doctors’ Salaries In Zimbabwe

  1. Those people criticising Strive are doing so for 2 reasons. The first one is they want the crisis to bring down the government. The second is that they are not used to seeing citizens participating, to them its either the government or foreign donors. Well done Strive.

  2. There is no well done to Strive there its a national issue supposed to be addressed by the govt in power. Where is ED using all Zimbabwe monies on . Monies from the borders monies from our minerals tourists foreign donations. You want to run away from the fact that ED is using all Zim money to enjoy himself and his friends flying in expensive jets and etc but failing to look after his doctors. Strive is just but campaigning is a zanu who pretends to be sympathetic yet not. Where are you putting our monies , you fail even to supply medications roads in poor state everything is dead but you manage to burn money throwing zanu parties costing millions of US$ what sort of humans are you. You are shameless

  3. Goritoto – you are absolutely correct. Strive has misplaced priorities, but that’s because he refuses to come and live in his home country and to see for himself what the problems are.
    Yes, ED and his inner circle are stealing sooooo much money (USD$) the mind boggles.

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