WATCH: “Mugabe Died In Exile” – Kasukuwere

Former minister in Robert Mugabe’s government, Saviour Kasukuwere, has said that the late President Robert Mugabe effectively died in exile.

Speaking to the SABC on 11 September, Kasukuwere said:

It is very painful. President Mugabe is one man who said, I was born here, I will die here and I will be buried here. He’d have loved to die in his country. He’d have loved to be in Zimbabwe. But as it were he has died in Singapore.

This is not an easy occasion for those who know what he stood for.For him to have seen his last breadth, outside the country about the concerns that people have and about also how he felt.

Ask how this is a wider conversation about African leaders who don’t improve the health facilities in their country and have to be attended to in foreign hospitals, Kasukuwere said:

The circumstances that find him in Singapore for this extended period of time, that’s what concerns me. To an extent the harassment, the unfair behavior of some of the comrades who have now taken over the country. We must be clear to them, you cannot continue doing these things. Effectively, Mugabe died in exile.




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5 comments on “WATCH: “Mugabe Died In Exile” – Kasukuwere

    1. Nhaiwe zvako baba ava vakauraya zvipatara muno and effectively everything else then he went kuSingapore cause he can afford it. benziwo iri ravakuti anga ari muExile, is he saying he was ruling in exile cause he was staying there achirikutonga.

  1. G40 guys are just arrogant. Mugabe died in Singapore simply because that’s where he could get specialised treatment because he destroyed the Zimbabwean health system. The same G40 guys always give the excuse for going out of the country for medical attention.

  2. Idiotic utterances always emanate from both factions of the destructive vampire known as ZANU PF and should not be given credence at all. They ruined this great NATION.

  3. Saviour Kasukuwere and Patrick Zhuwawo,You are the most arrogant people known in Zim.Because you had favours that doesnt make the people of Zimbabwe forget what has been happening,RG Mugabe has been going outside Zimbabwe for many years.He destroyed the National Health Services.
    The late Amai Sally Mugabe died in Zimbabwe because what Ian Smith left was still functioning well.So you cant fool Zimbabweans with your selfishness.Sure he wanted to die in office,changing pads in the office.I cant believe he was bitter ,he was removed and promised to be looked after and wont be charged for anything wrong.He has always gone to seek treatments far East.There is nothing amiss.You cant tell us that he was renting in Hongkong.he liked it.They destroyed Zim,no electricity,why would he stay in darkness since he thought he was special,his wife once said even in the grave he will be ruling,true now he must have a million wasted on mauseleum yet the nation is in 12 hours darkness.God may you bless the people of Zimbabwe their hearts are wonderful.They should have protested for state funds being.wasted driving a dead body around Harare in the evening they are in the dark,At Blue Roof there is generators and everything functioning well.Come on dont take the masses of Zimbabwe for idiots.Kasukuwere 50 rooms what do you do with them.Lets not fool each other because death will come and you leave everything.Kuna Mwari Kudenga.

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