Twitter Reacts To: South Africa’s AFCON Victory Over Egypt

Following Bafana Bafana’s 1-0 victory over 7-time AFCON champions Egypt, South Africa proceeds to the last 8, while Egypt goes out of the tournament.

Below are some Twitter reactions we selected:















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One Comment on “Twitter Reacts To: South Africa’s AFCON Victory Over Egypt

  1. jonathan moyo is brazen.there is not even a remnant of development of soccer at grassroots level in zimbabwe because him and cohorts embezzled all funds for idiotic and selfish reasons now he wants to be associated with bafana bafana,shame on you jonathan.i hope south africans will snub your gesture of appreciation with the derision it deserves.if you really loved sports as you seem,i would have thought a reasonable man would have adviced the former regime to invest in sports for the better of zimbabwe as a whole.not stealing,stealing,corruption, will leave a bad legacy mate

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