5 Upcoming Comedians In Zimbabwe You Should Look Out For

It’s a great gift to be able to make anyone or someone laugh. It takes a special talent to do something that is interesting to a lot of people because masses are difficult to please.  People like Doc Vikela, Comic Pastor, Madam Boss, The hilarious Bus Stop TV team and of course The Magamba TV crew just to name a few have penetrated this industry and made a huge impact. They have managed to put smiles on our faces, even the days are bad, we sometimes manage a few giggles if we come across Zimbabwean comedians’ clips.

These 5 are the newest kids on the block and Zimbabwe should look out for them.

1. Chisale Productions

This guy makes parody videos clips singing songs by various musicians sometimes inspired by current events in a very hilarious way.

2. Naiza Boom Films

These guys seem to be on the correct path to becoming one of Zimbabwe’s top comedy house. They came to the scene a few months ago and they seem to garner thousands of views on YouTube on their skits. They have various clips talking about different social issues affecting the people of Zimbabwe in different ways it depends on your preferences I guess.

3. Lorraine Guyo

Earlier this year Lorraine made headlines when her video when she was saying “ndinyengeiwo” (please propose love to me before Valentine’s) went viral. Lorraine had a turbulent few days after that video as things changed for her drastically. However as fate would have it, Lorraine garnered endorsement deals and she is on her way to becoming one of the many comedians in the country that you must watch out for. Again it depends on your comedy preferences. Lorraine’s YouTube videos are also attracting many views on YouTube. She too focuses on social issues in Zimbabwe.

4. Ray Vines

This young man is also pulling huge numbers on social media. Yesterday my cousins spent all my Yomix Bundle watching his clips on Instagram. He has an audience he appeals to I guess especially teenagers and young adults can’t stop talking about his clips. He pulls over 52k views on Instagram at times. Ray is an interesting artist and Zimbabwe should watch out for him.

5. Tinashe Joia

Tinashe like Ray also has his own audience. He is more popular on Instagram and he is very new in the game. I first learnt about him on a video he was doing as a parody for the ZOL Masaisai challenge.

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