18 Jobs Of The Future You Need To Prepare For

After learning about jobs that are fast becoming obsolete, one then wonders I’m sure, what future jobs must one prepare for. Thing is nobody knows what the future holds. We can only speculate with the information at hand. However the 4th Industrial Revolution tools, like, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Autonomation IoT etc have made us sure of one thing. The future is mostly tech.

So what jobs must we prepare for?

1. Home Based Care Aids

Surprising, right? Turns out, the 21st-century people are very busy and can’t take time out to care for their sick ones. This has increased the need for Home-based care aids.

2. Registered Nurses

Let no man tell you otherwise. The need for nurses as the population increase is also increasing. This is one of the few professions that will be here till the end of time.

3. Heavy Truck Drivers

Transportation will never see the end of time. As many goods are being produced they need to be transported. As eCommerce intensifies, the need to transport items from point a to point b also intensifies as companies seek to do more direct selling.

4. Information Security Analyst

The more time we use technology on a day to day basis, the more vulnerable we are to cyber attacks. Specialists are needed to keep us safe from these attacks

5. Mechanical Engineers

These are the guys responsible for designing and testing those complicated machines we never thought we would see in this lifetime. According to Trade Schools:

It’s projected that, between 2016 and 2026, about 212,000 jobs could open up for engineers in this field and roughly 42,000 jobs could open up.

6. Electronics Engineers

After mechanical engineers have made part of the complicated machines. Components then become complicated as they get smaller. Electronic engineers now come into play and make those complicated components needed by some machinery. This is a high-level paying job around the world and it will never see the end of time.

7. STEM Teachers

Teachers for science subjects, technology-related subjects, mathematics and engineering are in hot demand all over.

8. Software Developers

These are the guys that create the software needed to work with the hardware created by others. Apparently, this is one of the biggest gigs of the 21st century.

In fact, almost 1.2 million total job openings are projected to become available in the software development field between 2016 and 2026

9. Commercial Drone Pilots

5 years ago, the only pilots we knew flew planes, this job was unheard of. As drones become a permanent part of our lives, people to fly them commercially are also needed.

10. Smart Systems Builders

We have heard of smart homes, smart offices, smart factories, and recently smart cities, this means people are needed to make all those environments smart. people are needed to install maintain and repair those smart systems on various levels.

11. 3D Printing Technicians

Futurists believe 3D printing will be one of the biggest fields of the future. They believe 3D machines will be as common as fridges or sewing machines. This right here is a potential big industry that a futuristic individual will invest in.

12. Solar Energy Engineers

Solar energy especially in Africa, in my opinion, is the most underutilised resource we have. This right here as we move deeper into the 21st century is one of the biggest industries that futurists should prepare for.

13. Physio Therapists

Pain Management, mobility assistance etc can never be replaced with a machine. The more the society houses the elderly and the vulnerable, the more the world needs physical therapists. A study in the US says by 2026 147000 jobs will open up in this field.

14. Data Analysts

During day to day operations, companies accumulate huge amounts of data. They will then need a specialist to group the data, process it an produce the data they need to draw patterns, create systems etc.

15. Blockchain Developer

You have all heard about BitCoin by now. However, there is underlying technology that goes into creating that system that makes it faster and more secure. Technicians who can develop such are increasingly becoming on demand.

16. Augmented Reality  Developer

Visual enhancement for explanation or recreational purposes is becoming the in thing. This shows developers for this thing right here are in demand right now. A futurist will not go wrong if they venture into this field right here. The pecks are also classy I hear.

17. Market Reseach Analysts

As part of marketing is becoming digital, and autonomous in some cases, market research still remains engaging and physical. This means companies will still want specialists for the purpose of conducting market research.

18. Information Systems Analysts.

Information systems play a pivotal role in an organisation.  Managing Information systems that feed Information to different managerial levels in an organisation needs savvy individuals who can produce and maintain the systems perfectly.

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