200 Zimbabweans Lured To Canada By “Human Traffickers”

A group of 200 Zimbabweans could in danger of falling prey to human traffickers after they travelled from Harare to South Africa on Wednesday where they were promised visas to proceed to Canada.

A former Dynamos and Warriors player is reportedly making the travel arrangements for the group.

Concerned over the safety of citizens, officers from the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) visited the pick-up point in a bid to warn them of the perils ahead by their entreaties fell on deaf ears.

A CID officer who spoke to NewZimbabwe.com had this to say:

The law does not stop anyone from leaving the country, we raised awareness to the travellers but all were adamant to go.

We tried to speak to them but the only people who at least listened to our warnings of possible human trafficking were relatives who had come to see them off. They even refused to tell us their final destination.

Human trafficking caused a national outcry in Zimbabwe in 2016 when a group of approximately 200 women were lured to Kuwait with job offers only to be turned into sexual slavery.


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    As long as one remains alive outside Zimbabwean hell that is better

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