BREAKING: High Court Rules That Chamisa Is Illegitimate MDC President

A High Court judge has ruled that MDC leader Nelson Chamisa is not the legitimate president of the party. Reports indicate that the ruling was made 5 days ago but was only made known on Wednesday.

Not only that, the Court has ruled that the vice-presidential appointments made by late party leader  Morgan Tsvangirai are null and void. The court has ordered the party to convene an extraordinary congress within a month.

This means that when Chamisa was illegitimate vice president when he took over from the late Tsvangirai in February last year. The nominations that were done ahead of the 24-26 May elective Congress are, as a result, null and void.

Furthermore, the ruling effectively means that even Elias Mudzuri is illegitimate and Thokozani Khupe is the rightful MDC president.

Part of the High Court ruling reads:

The appointment of 2nd and 3rd Respondents as Deputy Presidents of the Movement of Democratic Change Party were unconstitutional and therefore null and void.

The appointment of 2nd Respondent as Acting President and President of the Movement for Democratic Change party was unconstitutional and therefore null and void.

All appointments and or/reassignments and all actions of the 2nd Respondents in his purported capacities as Deputy/Acting or incumbent President were unconstitutional, and therefore null and void.

The 1st respondent be and is hereby ordered to hold an Extra-Ordinary Congress after the elapse of at least one month after the date of this order.

The Respondents are ordered to pay the applicants costs of suit, jointly and severally, the one paying the other to be absolved.


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12 comments on “BREAKING: High Court Rules That Chamisa Is Illegitimate MDC President

  1. So the elections were also iligitimate, as ZEC allowed an iligitimate constituted party to participate!!!
    on another note Chamisa is not MDC president , but is MDC Alliance president, Thoko Khupe is for MDC.

    So this ruling is frivolous, mischievous, misguided and utterly rubbish!!!

  2. So let’s have new elections. Using the same yardstick. Mugabe had fired Ed so Ed is also not ZANU leader?

  3. Its very clear that this group of confused people are afraid of MDC Alliance president:Adv Nelson Chamisa. The judge wanted to say T Khupe is not a legitimate president. This judges has been pushed to say that. Why did they allow him to contest last year’s so called harmonised election. The same judiciary accepted ED as a legitimate president of Zanu pf its confusing. Next week they may rule that Zimbabwe is not a country but a province of an unknown country.

    1. Unfortunately its fact that both Chamisa and Munangagwa are boys of the same watsap group.They are both where they are as a result of coups.The only difference being that one has been taken to court and the other one has not.A crime can only be proven if it is reported and dissected in a court of law.unfortunately for Chamisa ,this has been the case.If Chamisa is clever,he would forgoe his ego,engage Khuphe and hence get her out of the way once and for all.However,l see anything else causing him continuing pain ,misery and unnecessary agony for the enforceable future.

  4. Does this improve the country economy? Khupe is the president of MDC T and she contested using that name of coz its true Chamisa is not MDC T president but is for MDC Alliance. So what’s the deal there. Instead of catching corrupt people in Zim these judges are busy chasing silly and oveers cases.

  5. What a scenario, of all the times…..the country is at dire needs of a dialogue with the former election participants and that is when people start talking about legitimacy. Where were u all along? Instead of supporting each other busy tearing apart the way forward. And why does the law have to intervene since the case can be solved internally through citizen participation in that part

  6. This is a grossly mistaken overzealous judicial ruling emanating from those benches inclined on escalating the crisis in Zimbabwe forgetting courts serve the constitutional liberties of citizens and not a sorrowful, misguided clique of self serving and self imposed citizens in the ranks of stewardship. Certainly what Zimbabwe is short of is not this stuff typically a pain in the neck, but a real robust stewardship to escalate this wonderful nation to its deserved position among other respectable nations in global ranks of true democratic advanced economies. A very alarmingly strange ruling, it effectively tears the nation apart as mistrust and a sense of betrayal exponentially mounts, imagine arbitrarily within one and the same people, race, tribe but certainly not all Christians. Watch this carefully, the determination is itself null and void as it is arbitrarily divorced from the Zimbabwe reality of the political landscape. Remember the same courts which made this illegimate rule is still the same which legitimized the still controversial 31 July Electoral Results, seemingly the mother of all the socioeconomic and political acrimony Zimbabweans are experiencing. Reality of the world and its interpretation and accompanying assumptions should always reflect the reality on the ground and movement from norminalism is the first step major one, for recovery and translating Zimbabwe and Africa into regional, and continental powerhouses. However there is scope for appeal to SADC, AU and UN Conventions dealing with such issues as the situation demands, remember there is a local and international side to this strange ruling, which is typically anomalous. God bless.

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