Cyclone Kenneth To Hit Mozambique & Tanzania This Week

A tropical cyclone threatens to wreak havoc in parts of Tanzania and Mozambique later this week.

The new cyclone, named Cyclone Kenneth, gained strength on Tuesday and Meteo France (the French national meteorological service) rated it a moderate tropical storm.

Meteorologists say that a moderate tropical storm contains sustained winds of 63-87 km/h (39-54 mph).

Cyclone Kenneth is expected to bring torrential rainfall on the island of Madagascar before crossing the Mozambique channel and hitting the Eastern coastline.

The storm could further strengthen on Thursday as it approaches the southern coast of Tanzania and northern coast of Mozambique.

Kenneth could make landfall on Thursday midday, bringing rainfall amounting to 200-300 mm (8-12 inches) from Wednesday through Sunday.

The good news is that the areas that are most at risk from Kenneth were largely spared from any of former Tropical Cyclone Idai’s destruction in March.


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