INTERVIEW: MDC Has No Hand In Sanctions, ZANU PF Has

One of the founding members of the Movement for Democratic Change, Grace Kwinjeh, has acquited her party from allegations that it attracted sanctions on Zimbabwe. She was speaking during an interview with Maxwell Sibanda, the Daily News on Sunday Assistant Editor.

She claimed that it is ZANU PF’s actions that attracted and continue to attracted the attention of the international community.

Below are some experts from the interview:

Q: Does the MDC have any influence on EU policies? Do you as a party lobby this block on various spheres like the economy etc?

A: EU policies are not influenced just like that; the government of Zimbabwe often attracts the attention of international institutions because of its excessive, extreme violent responses to alternative views expressed by the opposition, media and broader civil society. Violating international norms and standards of human rights and democracy attracts attention, look at Sudan and Algeria; the whole world is watching events unfolding there, with deep concern over the governments’ responses.

Furthermore, one needs to locate your question within the context of global governance; relations between the EU and Zimbabwe are governed by two legal instruments; the Cotonou Agreement, a treaty between the European Union and the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States signed in 2000. Then there is the EU’s Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP) under which the current measures were adopted. In short and dealing at the same time with Zanu PF’s nauseating propaganda, about sanctions, the MDC Alliance cannot influence the behaviour and responses of the EU, when agreed on legal instruments are brazenly violated by one of its bilateral partners.

The government of Zimbabwe has been found wanting and in flagrant violation of basic human rights principles that they willingly signed onto in the above legal instruments.

Our cry to the international community has been that the rule of law be upheld and for our right to exist as a legitimate political party to be respected. We are not an armed movement to have MPs persecuted, our headquarters petrol bombed and other tyrannical activities from the ruling Zanu PF party, which undermine our daily operations.


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