Chief Calls For More EU, US Sanctions On Zim’s Political Elite

An outspoken Matabeleland chief has called for the United States of America and the European Union to add more sanctions on Zimbabwe’s political elite.

Chief Nhlanhla Ndiweni was angered by the government’s decision to evict popular Ntabazinduna white farmers — the Parsons/Davies family. The chief, who has been very vocal on the Gukurahundi issue, said:

It is an eviction that The College of Amakhosi and the Ndebele Nation totally and emphatically rejects.

It is an eviction that will never be accepted and will continuously be challenged on the ground, locally, regionally and internationally.

Hence The College of Amakhosi’s opening stance that the US government and European Union must significantly increase the applied sanctions and travel restrictions placed upon this administration. For by its conduct, it is clearly taking them as fools, a most regrettable stance.

Relaxing or removing the sanctions upon this administration will only serve to make life even harder for the local people.

For if the administration does not currently respect humanity, whilst it has conditions placed upon it, one only has to imagine what it will do when there are no conditions.

Corruption, both financial and political, will rule even more since the judiciary is still not effective and has also been corrupted.

A good administration would never in a million years proceed with such an eviction, which is a disaster for the family concerned and the local people.

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4 comments on “Chief Calls For More EU, US Sanctions On Zim’s Political Elite

  1. Shame to the Chief who thinks sanctions are the only way to solve our disputes, sanctions don`t affect the political elite by the general person who will fail to access decent medical facilities at our local hospitals.

  2. I can only agree with this statement. In fact i connot forsee any improvement in the current situation. It always seems to get worse. Whilst you have different tribes within the country who all want to run it you will not get closure. This has been proven for over 30 years. Unfortunstely its always the civilians that end up suffering.

  3. where dispensations are no longer people centered but visibly self centered in a struggle for power, the defenseless are left with no option other than what we now witness before us, an appeal [can even be by individuals, party, tribe, community, all etc] to regional, continental and international protocols on peace, justice for are common to all nations irrespective of status, race, colour, religion. Nevertheless Gods time will come and very soon with best ever answers for He is the Ultimate arbiter of Justice especially where love is deliberately made to be in deficit.

  4. More sanctions this Government has a history of taking out Sanctions on the people of Zimbabwe. Looting bankers money taking away white farms, even Looting shops Sanctions do not work. We are dealing with a spoilt child.

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