Kasukuwere Sends Ominous Warning To Zim Authorities

Former Minister for Local Government Saviour Kasukuwere has vowed to defend himself and challenge the political establishment in Zimbabwe after prosecutors were given the green light to sell a property he put down as surety for his bail.

Kasukuwere is holed up in Johannesburg, South Africa, after initially fleeing the country during the takeover of government by armed forces in November 2017.

Writing on Twitter on Friday, Kasukuwere said:

We will certainly go to the High Court. This is a very good invitation back into politics. Handei tione! (Bring it on!).

I said it will be rough, but it’s gonna be rougher but thereafter we will have a ZW we all want. This monopoly and idiocy shall be challenged. With or without, 2023 is coming. Tatamba zvakwana! (The time for games is over!)

Whilst silence is golden, there comes a time when your enemies think you are enjoying it. Abuse of authority and power has limits. God Bless ZW. #itsmycountrytoo!

Kasukuwere’s cousin, the former Mashonaland Central Zanu PF chairman Dickson Mafios, was jailed for four years in February after being convicted of inciting violence over January 14 fuel protests that rocked Zimbabwe.

He maintained his innocence, claiming political persecution. He is appealing the conviction and sentence at the High Court.


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2 comments on “Kasukuwere Sends Ominous Warning To Zim Authorities

  1. It is expedient for people to experience the bitter for them to be able to value the good.When they had it all did they think of anyone?Kasukuwere sounds as if he is being persecuted when in actual fact he was the master of persecution.What goes around,comes around.

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