FULL TEXT: ZANU PF’s Abuse Of Joanna Mamombe “Appalling”

Insults on Hon Mamombe a reflection of Zanu PF’s failure

The MDC is appalled by the insults from Zanu PF MPs on Hon Joanna Mamombe. The use of such derogatory and unprintable language as was used on her does not only set a bad example but reduces the level of Parliament from an esteemed house which sets laws in Zimbabwe.

An abuse of a young female MP of this magnitude has no place in a democratic society. It reflects on Zanu PF, their disrespect of women, abuse of young people and the effect it has on issues such as domestic violence.

The MDC is also concerned by the level of hate displayed on Hon Mamombe and cannot be divorced from her arrest on parliamentary duty a few days ago.

The MDC makes the point that the level of hate in Zimbabwe is one of the reasons why genuine dialogue cannot be postponed. There is a need for nation building, when the representatives of the people in parliament are the ones displaying such hatred then there is a serious problem.

MDC: Defining a New Course for Zimbabwe

Hon Bekithemba Mpofu
MDC Deputy Spokesperson



Bekithemba Mpofu

Bekithemba Mpofu is a Zimbabwean politician who was once a member of parliament for Hwange constituency. Read More About Bekithemba Mpofu

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