ZANU PF MPs Heckle Mamombe, Call Her A Prostitute

MDC Harare West MP Joana Mamombe was on Tuesday targeted for sexual harassment by some unidentified Zanu PF legislators when she appeared in Parliament after her arrest on treason charges.

The ZANU PF legislators shouted hur* (prostitute) when Mamombe returned to the August House.

Norton Member of Parliament, Temba Mliswa was not happy with the behaviour exhibited by ZANU PF MPs. Said Mliswa:

It is important for us to have a human face and I think the lack of human face talks about our inhumane attributes in us.

I think the issue of one having been incarcerated and being freed is something that I think is human.

For some of you (Zanu PF MPs), you are the ones who incarcerate, so we also understand. Some of us have been incarcerated.

My point of order is that there is no smoke without fire. So when you see them heckling, they are the biggest human rights violators.

Mamombe was arrested in Nyanga more than a week ago soon after attending a Parliament workshop.

The 25-year-old MP was subsequently charged with treason in relation to the fuel riots which broke out in the middle of January this year.



Joana Mamombe

Joana Mamombe is a Zimbawean politician, former student leader and a member of MDC Alliance. She is the current memmber of parliament for Harare West. In March 2019, Mamombe was arrested by the Zimbabwe Republic police while attending a workshop in Nyanga. Mamombe had been... Read More About Joana Mamombe

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  1. godfrey chikowore Reply

    An extremely sad development which leaves most Zimbabweans with not much to look forward to from its own legislators visibly oblivious of real challenges the nation faces today. Absence of mutual respect and cooperation even among belligerents sets a very detestable precedent sadly for locals and internationals who matter in development terms.

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