Charity Charamba, ZRP Exposed As Police Officer In Sky News Video Arrested

Police spokesperson Charity Charamba said they have arrested a police officer who was filmed by Sky News beating a handcuffed man along Chiremba road in Harare.

Charamba said they managed to identify the person as Constable Makumire. She said Makumire is on suspension and is on bail for contravening section 113 of the Criminal Law Codification and Reform Act, Chapter 9:23 “Theft” (four counts). She said Makumire was not on official duty during the time he assaulted the handcuffed person.

Charamba had earlier denied that the incident captured on camera took place during the ongoing government crackdown on protestors. She said the video was actually done in 2016. In a statement announcing Makumire’s arrest, Charamba said further clarification from the investigating team established that the video was actually shot on Saturday 26 January 2019.

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15 comments on “Charity Charamba, ZRP Exposed As Police Officer In Sky News Video Arrested

  1. There has no change in Zimbabwe Mugabe was corrupt and the crock even more so Zimbabwe will never recover until the corruption is stamped out and the Chinese are thrown out, rebuilding relations with the west is the only answer

  2. Thats Charity Charamba for you lies lies lies everytime she opens her smelly mouth,covering her EVIL creatures Mnangagwa and Chiwenga.

  3. Please commissioner you still have a lot to do. If you are genuinely following all those officers who broke the law give us your whatsapp number for more videos

  4. How can you believe zimbabwean police it’s obvious they can never admit doing anything wrong even if you cought them red handed they can still deny, whoever is internationals that investigate these cases they have to be aware of that

  5. Why bother arresting a police officer amidst all the recent violence and violations. What’s needed is an overhaul of the governmental system and real actions to check the militancy and political hold of the army over Zimbabwe. Arrests that would matter are right at the top.

  6. So why at first she was saying the incident took place in 2016? This shows us how corrupt these people are. They are the same all of them. Liers

  7. Charity charity begins at home and justice next door??You now saying the culprit was not on duty??What the f@#$??.From experience whenever there is civil unrest all police officers are asked to report for duty at their respective work stations.Charity you are a disgrace

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