Oscar Pambuka To Be Imprisoned For 2 Years 6 Months For Fraud

Earlier today, Oscar Pambuka was found guilty of fraud. The court sentenced him to 6 years and 5 months in jail. However, the court conditionally suspended some of the time and he will only effectively serve 2 years and 6 months.

Pambuka, a state media journalist, entrepreneur and musician, was convicted of defrauding the Zimbabwe Power Company of $12,500 in a PR deal. He was convicted alongside his co-accused, Psychology Maziwisa, who will serve a similar sentence.

Earlier this year Former Energy Minister Samuel Undenge was convicted and sentenced to 4 years imprisonment for Criminal Abuse of Office after he wrote a letter directing Zimbabwe Power Company to engage Fruitful Communications Company, which is owned by Pambuka and Maziwisa


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