August 1 Kneeling Soldier Only Shot In The Air, Army Brigadier Tells Commission

Zimbabwe National Army Brigadier General Sanyatwe told the commission today that the infamous soldier captured on video shooting during the 01 August violence, was actually firing in the air.

The brigadier was responding to a commissioner who had asked if any dead bodies were recovered from the area where the kneeling soldier was firing. He responded:

No, sir. if you watch that video closely, that soldier who took a kneeling position whilst firing; if you check properly, military experts, that rifle was being fired at an angle of 45 degrees in the air, and not direct to the [people].

He was asked if he examined the video and he confirmed he did. He was then asked if that was indeed his assessment. Sanyatwe responded:

Not my assessment but it’s exactly what happened.

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Zimbabwe National Army

The Zimbabwe National Army is the country's military wing which was established with the role of ensuring territorial integrity, peace, stability and security. The force was established in 1980 after the country attained its Independence from colonial rule. Read More About Zimbabwe National Army


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3 comments on “August 1 Kneeling Soldier Only Shot In The Air, Army Brigadier Tells Commission

  1. The kneeling solider – shooting in the air or not, it is clear that he was not authorised to shoot at all. Note the enraged senior soldier bearing down on him and the original video shows him raining blows on this ‘lone ranger’…….

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