Magaya Must Publicly Retract His Claims Of HIV/Aids Cure, Ministry Must Censure Him- Doctors For Human Rights


The Zimbabwe Association of Doctors for Human Rights (ZADHR) has called on the government to publicly censure Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries leader Walter Magaya for his unverified claims that he has discovered the cure for HIV/Aids. The Doctors also called on Magaya to publicly reverse his claims as they were dangerous since the claims could lead to an increase in people who default on their Anti Retroviral Therapy (ART) drugs. In a statement, the doctors said,

The Zimbabwe Association of Doctors for Human Rights (ZADHR) takes great exception to the recent claims by Prophet W Magaya that he has found a cure for HIV and AIDS. ZADHR acknowledges the prophet’s right to freedom of worship and his entitlements to his beliefs. However, it is the conviction of ZADHR that any claims to cure HIV must only be made in the presence of irrefutable scientific evidence that is obtained through proper and ethical research methodologies. Such unverified claims have the potential to increase the number of Anti Retroviral Therapy defaulters, increased risky behaviour practices and exposure to potentially harmful side effects of the herbs. ZADHR calls upon;

1. Prophet Magaya to publicly reverse his claims that he had a cure for HIV and AIDS as there is no empirical research that proves his claims.
2. The Minister of Health Dr Obidiah Moyo to publicly censure Prophet Magaya and also institute an investigation into the safety of the herbs he is claiming to have.
3. The National AIDS Council and all other HIV related civil society groups to warn the public in the potentially disastrous effects of these unverified claims.

Provision of accurate health information is a key pillar of the constitutionally enshrined right to health and ZADHR is saddened by this incident.


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4 comments on “Magaya Must Publicly Retract His Claims Of HIV/Aids Cure, Ministry Must Censure Him- Doctors For Human Rights

  1. Why should he reverse his claims, manwa mushonga wacho mukasapora??
    Have we been colonised so much to the extent that people like you think that nothing good comes out of Africa, Zimbabwe in particular???
    If it was one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world with white people muri kuridza mupururu, i spend close to a thousand bucks fortnightly on cancer drugs from the UK, ndizvo zvinogamuchirika asi kuti munhu mutema aitirwa nyasha, tsveee zvaipa??
    Mweya wekushora unogara mune vakashoreka. Akaita mari whats wrong with that vanhu vapora?!?!?!
    Akavanamatira vakapora hamudi hanzi continue taking drugs, apinda mumedicine field yacho zvaipa futi.
    Itai mushe, we need the foreign currency that will come from those drugs.
    Ndaneta nekupfumisa dzimwe nyika, soon i will be told he didn’t follow the proper channels.
    Doctors are already complaining, why because they know income gone, tsika nditsikewo, tsuro nanungu, abaiwa ngaabude

  2. Hi Mimi. I can see the angle you are coming from. I am sure however that there are channels in which in which drugs purpoted to be helpful are introduced into the system in any country. What Magaya said is called an allegation until such time when it has been approved by relevant medical bodies. Because of the lasting impact that drugs have on people such procedure is very necessary to aunthenticate the assertion as well as to ensure that there are no known side effects of such drugs. The process is not a short one until such time it is accepted. Do the drugs work? noone knows for sure because there are no clinical tests done under supervision. Just imagine if the drugs are not able to do what is alleged, the undue suffering that it will cause on the general public.

  3. Kindly move out of the anti-development Old School rigidities. Is it the Prophet you dislike or your non acceptance of advances/ breakthroughs in Medical Sciences which apparently is not only a prerogative of the Doctors Association? Kindly read more and listen more about this breakthrough, this issue by far grows the parochial frameworks of political speculation as it is fundamentally humane and a great salvation for the impoverished mlns across regions and races of the world.

  4. Why is it you don’t want anything good to come out of Zimbabwe. There is evidence of the drug wany. Let us wait for the testimonials and also to correct you
    Prophet Magaya did not tell anyone to stop their ARVS. I wonder why but this is the reason why you are poor Zimbabwe. You can’t appreciate or celebrate others

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