Mangudya Insists That RBZ Is Not Involved In Forex Black, Says Nothing New About Lumumba’s Claims

Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) governor John Mangudya has insisted that the RBZ is not involved in the foreign currency black market despite the suspension of four senior directors. The directors, Norman Mataruka (banks supervision), Azvinandava Saburi (financial markets), Mirirai Chiremba (financial intelligence) and Gresham Muradzikwa (security) were suspended following allegations by short-lived Chairperson of the Ministry of Finance’s Communications Task Force, Acie Lumumba using Faebook live video.. Mangudya insisted that the central bank had investigated the same allegations before and found no evidence. Speaking to The Standard, Mangudya said,

This issue was raised in many fora (before) and last time we gave them information. So, the same issues are being raised and we thought the best way was not to continue giving reports but to have the audit and oversight committee investigate the team…Last time, we did do some investigations and they showed us that there was nothing like that and we discussed it with the former Finance minister (Patrick Chinamasa) many times and sometimes gave evidence…I still stand by that comment that the Reserve Bank is not involved in the parallel market…“Our audit committee, which is independent, is looking at that matter, but we don’t have any foreign currency, which is missing at the bank.

However, Mirirai Chiremba who is the head of the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) was previously suspended back in 2007 by Gideon Gono after he allegedly exposed the RBZ’s role in purchasing foreign currency on the black market.

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One Comment on “Mangudya Insists That RBZ Is Not Involved In Forex Black, Says Nothing New About Lumumba’s Claims

  1. While we see Queen B in Our Top Executive Powers the fish is rotten to the bottom. Our cities needs more than grace .
    We can experience the worst brain drain from City Councils, Government ,Private Sectors if this continues .Workers go unpaid for months yet cash is taken to streets vendors.
    Top executive is doing this from government to local government. Busy enrichment of themselves while poor workers suffers. Town Councils is one of the worst hit thank God this time exposure time.
    Indiscipline while poor workers suffer and suffocation of these e workers taking place daily in office between hands.While we sing choruses Shinga mushandi shinga.
    Dzirikunanzvana dzakakora ,tati gudo guru peta muswe iwe haudi Zvino takuzopenengura muswe wenyu manyanya huwoori .You tell the worker the economy is tough yet you go buy nice cars ,we see this in Munangagwa government, City Councils and you expect the worker to eat groundnuts shells is he a monkey.
    President Chamisa is the game changer Zimbabweans across the divide .Our Cities are as corrupted as the government of Munangagwa.
    What can we do toitei Lets unite tisumuke tose tizvigadzirise neuwandu hwedu.
    Poor delivery systems in Our Cities yet we pay the councils. Why they fail to pay their workers is totally unjustified .
    We can’t keep loosing our very best going enriching other countries while we sing empty promises.We want excellence now not 2030 when they know they will be old as Mugabe or dead.Vision 2030 taurirai vanhu vakapusa not us the learned.The fish is rotten comrades ,vashandi vehurumende,vashandi vekanzuru,vanotengesa,vanotenga,varimi,vana vezvikoro,Taneta nazvo .Vanhu vauri kuona vaine cash muStreet vaipiwa neUmwe Boss ari kudzvinyirira Vashandi,Ari Kuba Cash ye City Council,Cash ye RBZ,etc November this November lets all rally tizvipedze izvi .Zimbabwe is Captured by few individuals on top positions kuvaka dzimba nemari yekuba,kutenga mota nemari yekuba.Hove Yakaora

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