Govt Is Alienating Allies, Destroying Confidence With “Silly” Appointments – Hopewell Chin’ono

Award-winning journalist and New York Times Foreign Correspondent Hopewell Chin’ono warned President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government that it is alienating allies by making controversial and “silly” appointments. Chin’ono highlighted the appointments of Acie Lumumba as the chairperson of the Finance Ministry Communications Taskforce and warned that he has learned that more “shocking” appointments are coming. Writes Chin’ono

Appointments are meant to instil confidence and not derision. The appointments that are currently being made were meant to help the international community to take Zimbabwe and its government seriously…This is not about whether he has been convicted yet or not. Leadership is about character and integrity, this is a man who fabricates his academic qualifications and lied that he was a Harvard graduate when he is not. This is about the message it sends out to have such a person in the Ministry of Finance. There are many young trained communication graduates, this shows that it is a political appointment in the Ministry of Finance…international support through Aid will not come with these comical appointments such as Lumumba’s.

…Just the idea of Lumumba and a certain PROFESSOR MTHULI NCUBE having an official picture opportunity is enough to see that the Finance Minister is losing the plot! Those who defend this comical and yet tragic drama have no understanding of how the world of international finance works.

…I have been told that more shocking appointments on parastatal boards are coming, specifically from the Finance ministry parastatals…I do not see what is new about these appointments and many are now asking about what is new about this dispensation. New what?

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Hopewell Chin'ono

Hopewell Chin'ono is a Zimbabwean journalist and documentary film maker. He has won numerous awards in journalism and has worked in both print and broadcasting journalism.Hopewell did a fellowship at Harvard as part of winning the CNN African journalist of the year. Read More About Hopewell Chin'ono


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