Don’t Blame Us For Working With Corrupt Govts, You Voted For Them: China To Africa

Chinese officials have defended their government for working with corrupt African governments saying that China did not have a choice as it was not responsible for selecting the governments. Former Chinese envoys blamed Africans for voting for corrupt governments leaving them with no choice but to work with the elected government. Responding to questions from African journalists at the 2018 Beijing Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (Focac), former head of the Chinese Foreign Ministry’s Africa division, Cheng Tao said

An African friend told me, our government is extremely corrupt. How come you’re still involved with them? Our government has asked the Chinese government to build a bridge and a hospital, but the Chinese government shouldn’t help them.

I told him – you voted for this government. It’s the only government we can deal with. But the bridge and the hospital are not built for the president or officials but are for the common people. So I think this is another perspective that can be considered when looking at this issue.

China’s former special envoy to Africa, Liu Guijin added,

China’s engagement in Africa is focused on its people and we do not give our money to corrupt governments or officials.


We Don’t Interfere In Africa’s Internal Affairs, Our Aid Has No Strings To It: China’s Xi


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9 comments on “Don’t Blame Us For Working With Corrupt Govts, You Voted For Them: China To Africa

  1. We did not, again…we “did not vote these corrup govrnments officials” they buy there way into the system, they made the law nd the system doesnt work, you should hv done your home work better then if you “really” hv no negative intentions
    The government here are run by cabals, they made the law, they decide who rules

  2. The Chinese are themselves very corrupt . They will produce an aeroplane for you at 100 us. It will fly in your presence, take it home and it will never fly again. Something the western world won’t tolerate.

  3. Hon Envoy
    There is something called History, and google further African Governments before putting across such a shallow minded argument.

  4. The proverb ‘he who sups with the devil must have a long spoon’ is so true in this case; of Africa courting and counting on China as a quick fix for her economic ills without regards to the consequences. China is no saviour, one whose benevolence and generosity carry a hefty price tag the reality of which is economic colonisation – a bondage the present and future generations of Africans will be shackled to, with national and cultural identities being made casualties. Malaysia, through a new government under the premiership of Tun Dr. Mahathir, snatched freedom from the jaws of bondage.

  5. China just took over government assets. The electric company, of an African nation that could not repay it’s debt. I cry when I think Iiberia is using it’s natural resources (potential worth hundreds of billions $. Gold,diamond, iron ore,bauxite,etc increases in value as time goes on) as a $2.1 billion dollar collateral just to build roads which will deteriorate in a few years,which is the norm. We need a sustainable agriculture base,industrial base along with roads that interconnect those areas of the country. It’s a combined package, development with roads interconnecting. Please don’t bargain our resources it’s all we got for our children and grandchildren. Have a strategic approach with Liberians, opposition parties, liberians,yes liberians,living in the diaspora (lost brain drain), government official presently serving,all of us can work together for over common interest Liberia. “No quick fixes” like Chinese loans for money that would be squandered by a few and roads never build or build substandard . Yes we need roads but we need development and strategic development that will elevate our country. Mr. President, this is your time to SHINE. Yes,people will criticize,that’s democracy. You’re “a survivor “, look at your soccer achievement, it didn’t come easy.
    Watch “Chinbia | Zambia Defaults on Loans | China Takes Over Int Airport and Power Company” on YouTube

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