More Than 30 Parliamentary Election Results Being Challenged At The Electoral Court

At least 30 Parliamentary results have been challenged at the Electoral Court. Some of the applicants are seeking to have the results of the National Assembly set aside arguing that the winners who were declared by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission were not duly elected.

Some of the cases include,

Chegutu West  – MDC Alliance’s Gift Konjana is challenging Zanu-PF Dexter Nduna’s victory. Zec admitted that there counting errors which prejudiced Konjana of victory.

Goromonzi West – Energy Mutodi is being challenged in two separate cases by Taurai Clifford Nhamburo of MDC-T and Luke Tamborinyoka of MDC Alliance.

Mutare North – Agrippa Bopela Masiyakurima is challenging Zanu-PF’s Michael Madiro.

Murehwa South – Former Zanu-PF politician Noah Mangondo is challenging Zanu-PF Mashonaland East chair Joel Biggie Matiza.

Zvimba South – Zifa boss and Zanu-PF politician Phillip Chiyangwa is being challenged by Nkosilathi Nyamadzawo.

Chipinge East – Former deputy minister Win Mlambo is challenging Mateu Mlambo and has blamed Zec for not putting his nickname on the ballot paper.

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Electoral Court Matters Filed as at 17 August 2018

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5 comments on “More Than 30 Parliamentary Election Results Being Challenged At The Electoral Court

  1. Ku court kunoda evidence kwete kungomuka uchiti ndave kuenda ku court usina chaunacho. Vamwe vanofanira kudzidza kubva kuna Chamisa kuti hazviitwe zvekuenda ku court

  2. Challenging is not wrong, but challenging without evidence is like asking for embarrassment in court like what we recently witnessed.

  3. I think every Zimbabwean has become a lawyer after the Concourt Show. Now I know latin terms and their meanings, you can share these with your mother in law who will obviously know most of them of cousrse
    Ei incumbit probatio qui
    Definition: The onus of proving a fact rests upon the man
    Et cetera
    Definition: Other things of that type
    Ex cathedra
    Definition: With official authority
    Ex concessis
    Definition: In view of what has already been accepted
    Ex facie
    Definition: On the fact of it
    Ex gratia
    Definition: Out of kindness, voluntary
    Ex parte
    Definition: Proceeding brought by one person in the absence of another
    Ex post facto
    Definition: By reason of a subsequent act
    Definition: Something which is to be done
    Definition: An act or deed
    Fructus naturales
    Definition: Vegetation which grows naturally without cultivation
    Definition: The same person or thing
    Id est (i.e)
    Definition: That is
    In camera
    Definition: In private
    In delicto
    Definition: At fault
    Definition: Marks, signs
    In esse
    Definition: In existence
    In extenso
    Definition: At full length
    In futoro
    Definition: In the future
    In limine
    Definition: At the outset, on the threshold
    In loco parentis
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    In omnibus
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    In situ
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    Definition: Temporary, in the meanwhile
    In terrorem
    Definition: As a warning or deterrent
    Ipsissima verba
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    Ipso facto
    Definition: By that very fact
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    Jus naturale
    Definition: Natural justice
    Locus in quo
    Definition: Scene of the event
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    Definition: A great work of literature
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    Vice versa
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    Definition: See

    1. Tirikutoda Shona ne Ndebele Zvenyu zvekuti mudare remuZimbabwe moswera taura mutauro wedzimwe nyika pasi nawo mutauro we France uyo hatichada zvese izvo , Shona ne Ndebele ndiyo yatiri kuda . Ukatarisa dzimwe nyika chaidzo China inotaura mutauro wayo mumatare avo ,USA mutauro vavo touya kuZimbabwe chirungu neuyo waurikuti Ratini.
      Hatichada zvese izvo zvinoratidza kuti tichirikutongwa.

  4. Why didn’t the court institute the recounting without having to wait for Chamisa’s lawyers to ask? In all fairness that would have been the fairest thing to do. If the constitution does not have that then it should be amended.

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