Ministry of Mines perm sec in $1,3 million scandal

Posted by Tayana

Mines ministry secretary Francis Gudyanga is involved in a $1,3 million scandal involving an agro-company, Pedstock, following allegations that he used the firm as a means of transferring money to a little-known organisation, Glamel.

On Monday, Parliament’s Mines and Energy committee heard that Gudyanga, as Minerals Marketing Corporation of Zimbabwe (MMCZ) chairman, authorised transactions which saw funds being transferred into Glamel’s offshore account through Pedstock.

The issue, which surfaced early this year, saw the Daniel Shumba-led committee summoning Pedstock managing director, Dror Jackson to explain his organisation’s role in the transactions. However, Jackson, who according to Shumba “found it hard to tell the truth to the committee”, appeared in the company of his lawyer and could not be nudged into divulging requested information.

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