Al Jazeera Investigations To Expose “Astonishing” Plunder, Looting In Zimbabwe

International English-language news channel, Al Jazeera, is set to expose corrupt Zimbabwean politicians and their associates in a documentary set to be aired this March.

Posting on his social media pages, Zimbabwean award-winning journalist and filmmaker Hopewell Chin’ono said the film producers have shown the films to a select group of corruption experts and journalists to give their comments before the documentary is broadcasted.

Chin’ono said the documentary films will expose “astonishing looting, plunder and laundering in Zimbabwe” by ZANU PF officials and their associates. He wrote:

International news network, Aljazeera will be broadcasting mind-blowing documentary films in March showing astonishing looting, plunder and laundering in Zimbabwe.

The ZANU PF crooks and their surrogates were filmed undercover for 2 years, as they spoke about how they do it!

The film producers have shown the films to a select group of corruption experts and journalists to look at, and give their comment on the exposures.

The documentary films were made by the Al Jazeera Investigative Journalism Directorate. They filmed them since 2021.

Businessman and social commentator Kuda Musasiwa said the Al Jazeera documentary should serve as a lesson to people not to talk too much. He tweeted:

The @AlJazeera Documentary is lesson 101 of NOT talking a span. Fish get caught by opening their mouth. It’s not a secret if anyone else knows. Don’t Talk a Span. Talking a span is bad.

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7 comments on “Al Jazeera Investigations To Expose “Astonishing” Plunder, Looting In Zimbabwe

  1. This is suspicious. Why shoulf Al Jezeera seek the opinion of ‘a selected groupm of people. Isn’t it a normal procedure that they seek the comments of those mentioned, in the ‘act’ and he views of the relevant officials. Since he calls himself a journalist why does Hopewell make his own investigation and broadcast it instead of making news of others work?

  2. Expose zanu pf corruption and loot this will wake up SADC leaders to deal with their zanu pf crooks. Millions of Zimbabweans are languishing in poverty and go to South Africa for Basic Health care. Wake up Zimbabwe 🇿🇼 Vhuka Zimbabwe 🇿🇼

    1. Commission is endemic in politics in all countries. Why do you think there was the Zondo commission in South Africa, and the issue of President Guebuza’s sons in Mozambique, and the harassment of President Khama in Botswana. Why are people celebrating a documentary which has not been shown, and might not. Al Jezeera is advertising its forthcoming production, just like films are promoted through trailers. Not all are as exciting as they are projected.

  3. Zanu OF is full of FUCKERY, imagine living in a city where you wake up with no electricity and go to bed without electricity too, like wtf,

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