Catholic Bishops Urge Zimbabweans Not To Vote For Corrupt Candidates

The Zimbabwe Catholic Bishops Conference (ZCBC) has urged Zimbabweans to vote for candidates who will pursue justice and freedom for all in elections slated for later this year.

In a pastoral letter titled The Unjust Fetters, released during the Catholic Church’s 40-day lent season which is underway, the Roman Catholic bishops said it is worrisome that corruption is being promoted by those who are in power. Part of the letter reads:

This election must bring to the highest office a leader who cares about the health of the excluded poor both young and old.

This lent must give us time to think about the sort of leadership we want.

Can we choose from the candidates who will present themselves, people who will lead our country on the path of economic prosperity, justice and freedom for which our brothers and sisters gave their lives in the war of liberation?

Can we choose those candidates who will be accountable to the people? Many countries in Africa have witnessed the shrinking of the democratic space through the increased use of force to silence dissenting voices.

… What is most worrisome is that such rampant corruption by known players is not being nipped in the bud by the responsible offices, but is seemingly supported by those in power through their silence and inaction.

According to Britannica, Lent in the Christian church is a period of penitential preparation for Easter.

In Western churches Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, six and a half weeks before Easter, and provides a 40-day period for fasting and abstinence (Sundays are excluded), in imitation of Jesus Christ’s fasting in the wilderness before he began his public ministry.

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One Comment on “Catholic Bishops Urge Zimbabweans Not To Vote For Corrupt Candidates

  1. It’s long passed being “nipped in the bud”,instead of wasting your time praying why not empower change by calling the Zimbabwe situation what it is,a communist hellhole that has been betrayed by its leaders sold out to foreign powers and had it’s people being subject to lie after lie, abuse after abuse and their futures stolen.The only way forward is violence against the ruling party of Zanu ppf,the gap between their ideology and freedom is too wide to be bridged,only the party’s death will bring about change not a day sooner.

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