WATCH: “We Recommended Scrapping Grade 7, Form 2, O’ Level Exams” – Nziramasanga

Educationist, Dr Caiphus Nziramasanga, says the Nziramasanga Commision of Inquiry recommended the removal of Grade 7, Form 2 and Form 4 (Ordinary Level) examinations.

Speaking during ZTN’s Current Affairs show, Nziramasanga said the commission of Inquiry which was commissioned by former President Robert Mugabe in 1998 to inquire into the Education System of Zimbabwe, recommended that only partial Form 6 examinations should be taken.

He said only the students who sought to specialise in the academic area would take adding that it would be the general examination that could be taken at schools. Watch the video below for more:

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16 comments on “WATCH: “We Recommended Scrapping Grade 7, Form 2, O’ Level Exams” – Nziramasanga

  1. What is it that he aimed to achieve by scrapping the three examination classes? I do not understand what this man really was up to.

    1. What benefit is it kuvana and nemi mose makadzidza about Eutopean history and what we call African history yakanyorwa nevarungu justifying their actions. Chikoro i know most people mofunga ndozvese but what are teaching vangu chaizvo? We need practical solutions to existing problems pane kuti vana vane ma degree asi chozikanwa hapana. We should wake up and question ma systems enguva yaRhodes aya. Industrial Age yakapfura tamu Information Age and whoever thinks kuti akaita kabepa kake in whatever specilisation anokwanisa kuendamberi in life uchangogara uchiita pressure kuZupco and working for vanhu vasina chikoro and always complaining about mari haisii kukwana and government haisi kuita zvakati..

      1. Murikufunga nenzeve apa. Most probably hamuna kana 1 O level zvaro ipapo “Entrepreneurship” tenderprenuership, and “hustling” yekutengesa chibage, mango, ma veggies, ma phone nema bhero horizon, kuba nechiZanu do not define the world. They drfine zimbawe for you and they are the problems of Zimbabwe not of the world. Not all of us are like you, educating your kids to spend their lives under zanunisation and thievery. Some of us are global citizens. Education is important for global citizens but not for some like you who are happy to support a system that is designed to extract everything from you if you don’t support zanu and it’s looting formula

  2. Grade 7 maybe but l feel JC/form 2 and O’Levels are very important points of test.
    Those who proposed it all went through those important appraisal points.

  3. I think consideration should made to scrap all exams……one cannot study for years on end …….. and boom they fail a three hour exam….and all the years of study are gone?

  4. Scraping is not an option doesn’t make sense to let someone proceed to secondary education without testing ability at grade 7

  5. Grade 7 is very important. How else can Highschools ascertain Capability yemwana. What should be done is a evaluation of the learning syllabi and help kids cope up with changing times not demean the trials of education. Ordinary Level is very vital as it tests one of the most important knowledge Domains Cognitive Skill. The ability to grasp a concept and to be able to give it on demand with detail and clarity. That’s what History , Commerce , Geography , Science , Math and some of the other subjects is all about. Mental Capacity must be trained and tested there. A level ndipo pane stretch yepfungwa. Even now I hold that there’s no course more difficult than A level because of the stringent requirements in Broadness of coverage as well as Depth of Understanding. Zvino how can someone qualify for that pasina Past trials to vet you.

  6. This thing about no exams at G7, F2 and F4 doesn’t reflect any least imagination of thought in one. How are u going to be able to screen and categorise students according to their capabilities with no exams. How does one motivate any child to achieve something in life. No wonder vaMugabe in wisdom never implemented anything about this thoughtless effort. He realized it was a shear waste of money and resources. If there is anything good about the Nziramasanga study for sure it overshadowed by this idea of scrapping all academic exams. This study was inclined towards the destruction of our education system totally.

    1. I don’t think this idea of filling brief-cases with certificates ,this nation has been doing from time immemorial will ever help this nation.lt has proved useless to say the least.Thousands of Zimbabwean citizens have certificates up PHDs and beyond,but this nation is still among the poorest on this planet.Have you ever asked and wondered why?Our doctors cannot even produce a toothpick,imagine.Why should we pursue such education which does not allow us to be masters of our own resources?
      This is why outsiders are even fighting for our resources while we just watch and wait for them to end their fight and then come to exploit those resources FOR THEMSELVES, and never for us.All this revolves around the type of education we are pursuing,and not on any one among us,since we are from the same USELESS POT.If ever one thinks that being educated the way we have been doing up to now, will ever turn around this economy, should think otherwise.A child who sits down at home with his carpenter father,and learns carpentry quite well through his father’s skills,is far better off than the one who learns in the so called formal schools getting theoretical certificates up to PHD.l don’t need to elaborate this fact, because such degree holders are among us right languishing in complete poverty as we speak,employed or not employed.

      Let’s put in place an education that promotes hands on(practicals).Being able to produce something tangible for your nation is far far better than hanging your certificates to your walls ,if ever you happen to have a habitat of your own.
      Developed countries never talk about doctors in theories.They speak about company producers which develope their economies.All that is brought about by the type of education they put in place.

      I would rather suggest that anyone, from birth, be registered as a student by the Zimbabwean Government.Certificates be awarded at any level of his/her life if ever he/she has shown capability in his/her field of practical pursuance,producing tangible competitive products for this nation.He/she becomes certified for that.Schools, colleges,and universities be given authority to identify such students and give them certificates for their capabilities.There are a lot of people who did not even go to the so called formal schools,who are contributing immensely to the development of this economy,but they are never recognised.lnstead ,the useless ones are at the fore front in terms of certification.

      Of course let those who want to spend their lives pursuing this present useless type of education be allowed to do so. Eventually they will realise that it is a wild goose chase.

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