Winky D More Patriotic Than “Bootlicking” DJs And Musicians – Mliswa

Norton legislator, Temba Mliswa (Independent) has criticised Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation Deputy Minister, Tinoda Machakaire for claiming that Winky D’s latest album, Eureka, is causing “chaos” in the country.

Machakaire said the Zimdancehall chanter should desist from attacking the government and instead, use the right structures to air his grievances.

According to journalist Brezhnev Malaba, one of Winky D’s tracks on the album “Ibotso” portrays Zimbabwe as a crime scene, a long-decayed society in which the residents naively hope things will miraculously change for the better.

Responding to Machakaire’s utterances, Mliswa said there is nothing wrong with Winky D bringing up pertinent issues which are plaguing this country. He said:

The truth of the matter is that Winky D never insulted, attacked, or cursed anyone. He has created no chaos.

He simply brought up pertinent issues which are plaguing this country as everyone knows. His model and platforms are very much on point as a musician.

There is no need for him to approach a political party for private intercourse about those issues, so as not to sing about them.

He is an artist. Moda ayimbe zvemadrugs nerudo zvega here? This is a form of fascist censorship you are now advancing.

His way of addressing and raising them, through music, is adequate and correct all the way.

Those singers, activists and politicians who have rushed to report incorrectly about him are the most dangerous people because they exhibit a gross lack of mental acumen.

Instead of interrogating issues candidly and analytically they see issues in a binary manner where critical analysis or simply stating the truth is an insult.

Mliswa stated that Winky D is more patriotic than the likes of DJ Fantan who are “bootlicking” ZANU PF. He said:

It’s because there are limited minds who think gulping down everything blindly is the correct form of patriotism.

Winky D is more patriotic than all those other DJs and singers bootlicking the party by foolishly insinuating the involvement of foreign embassies on a music project.

Who doesn’t know that the thematic content on Eureka Eureka is the same since way back for Winky D?

It’s nothing new. He has produced many songs before with similar content. Was he being paid all that time?

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One Comment on “Winky D More Patriotic Than “Bootlicking” DJs And Musicians – Mliswa

  1. Mliswa do you know what you are doing?..
    You are planning to promote anarchy in the Country Zimbabwe. .
    Government won’t sit and look some citizens going out of hand like you Mliswa..
    Mliswa you now out of hand. .Usukh’othi ishlama sika Prince Charles no Mtotovu lu Jo Biden..
    Go stay in masters Countries and leave our beloved African Country Zimbabwe. .

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