We Are Not Xenophobic, We Are Patriotic, Says Operation Dudula Coordinator

The regional coordinator of Operation Dudula in Rustenburg, Rollance Mabula, said that their members are patriotic, and not xenophobic as alleged in some quarters.

The anti-migrant group was expected to launch its North West branch in Rustenburg on Wednesday.

The vigilante-like group claims it is targeting drug dens, unregistered businesses and undocumented foreign nationals who they accuse of engaging in criminal activities and stealing jobs from South Africans. Said Mabula:

We are having a problem with illegal immigrants occupying job positions that are supposed to be occupied by South Africans.

How should I feel when I see people from out of this country coming to make our children prostitutes here?

Members of Operation Dudula sing songs that have derogatory lyrics to refer to foreigners but Mabula insists the group is not xenophobic.

Operation Dudula members arrive at the Rustenburg bus rank (Image Credit: EWN Reporter).
Operation Dudula members arrive at the Rustenburg bus rank (Image Credit: EWN Reporter).

Operation Dudula has been blamed for the death of Zimbabwean Elvis Nyathi who was lynched by a mob in Diepsloot, a township in Johannesburg earlier this month.

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2 comments on “We Are Not Xenophobic, We Are Patriotic, Says Operation Dudula Coordinator

  1. Dudula group ,is a terrorist group.
    Dudula group has now been listed as a terrorist group by the international community.Article by Njabulo libertyatliberty at gmail dot com.What is terrorism ?.’It is the unlawful use of force or violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government or its citizens to further certain political or social objectives’.This definition clearly defines what ‘Dudula group’ is.This terrorist group aims to or intends to coerce the South African government and its citizens to fight foreigners .Its aim is to force its government not to allow any foreigners to live and work in SA.It intends to force all citizens of the Republic of South Africa to engage in xenophobic attacks and to kill foreigners.As seen in the aforementioned definition,no acts of terrorism are legal.No acts of terrorism must be condone in SA.So the terrorist Dudula leader called Nhlanhla Lux and his terrorist group members must be banned from travelling to any country in the world.The RSA government must disband that terrorist group.The members of that terrorist group must also be banned from carrying out their criminal activities in the Republic of South Africa.The South African Police ,must carry out a ‘Dudula’ operation ,to DUDULA that terrorist group called ‘Dudula’.The people who formed that terrorist organisation to terrorise and kill innocent people ,must be sanctioned by all countries .That must include all other terrorist group members.They must not be allowed to travel to other countries because they may corrupt the world.They have a bad influence on other people.Let them stay in South Africa and not be allowed to travel to other countries because they do not want other people from other countries in their own country.The terrorist leader (Nhlanhla)and his terrorist group think that they are special than any other people who are not South Africans.And as such ,idiots who are impaired in their thinking like them,must not be allowed to step their dirty feet in other countries.Why should they be allowed to travel to other countries since they perceive themselves as the only human beings on this earth?.Even to open bank accounts or do shopping or seek medical help from other countries ,they must not be allowed to do that.Everyone who is bothered about what this terrorist group called ‘Odudula’ is doing ,must help in fighting them.Everyone must help to fight them in anyway that they can.This does not mean l am saying taking weapons to fight them.One can fight them by taking action as the one that l am taking now.The world must not allow the violation of human rights of others .The world must not tolerate the unlawfully killing of another, for just being in the Republic of South Africa.No country is self sufficient.No country can claim that it can stand alone and not depend on others ,for other things.Thus why countries form treaties and make alliances.No man in this world can claim that they can live on their own in this world ,without depending on others.No human beings are special than others ,that they cannot allow them to live in their country or to visit their country.We are all equal in the eyes of God.Of course ,people can be different in terms of their financial standings or positions or status which they hold in society.But that too cannot be a reason not to allow others to live and work in your country.The affluent and the indigent can live together happily .Look at the first world countries,they have people from diverse back grounds or from different nationalities or ethnicities or races .But they do not kill foreigners for being in their country.So, no one who is in their right senses must support or get affiliated to that terrorist group.There are many South Africans who live in many different countries and nobody is telling them to leave those countries.Nobody is being xenophobic or racist to them.Many South Africans are living ,studying and working in different countries.Nobody in those host countries is terrorising them or killing them or telling them to go back to South Africa.This ‘Dudula terrorist group ‘ will make people in those countries to dislike innocent South Africans ,who live and work there.People must know that,the Republic of South Africa is rich today ,because many foreigners contributed immensely to that.For example,many people from different countries used to work hard in Wanela mines .Many died in those mines working for the good of the Republic of South Africa.Many sustained life changing injuries ,in those mines.More importantly,many people sacrificed their lives for South Africa to gain its independence.That self determination would not have come easily,had it not been for the input and sacrifices of other people from other countries.So,that terrorist group must be banned by the Republic of South Africa government (unless if it is owned by that government to gain political mileage ).Some of those terrorists in that ‘Dudula terrorist group’ ,might even be the children of ex-Wanela migrants workers.It might even surprise you that the terrorists group leader’s father also came to South Africa as a Wanela worker or migrant .And let it be know to that terrorist group that it is important to treat others well because no one knows the future.Humility is virtue .Being proud of being a South African citizen ,must be intertwined with respect and tolerance for others.One might find themselves needing the help of the same people that you are terrorising and killing today.Life is unpredictable.And in Zulu they say , ‘Isisu somhambi singango phondo lwembuzi,’. Justice for Nyathi and others must be served.No one must condone what is obtaining in the Republic of South Africa now.The South African government must take serious action against that terrorist Dudula group .All of them must be arrested and the terrorist group banned from carrying out its terrorist activities in that beautiful country ,which owes its independence to foreigners.Indeed the Republic of South Africa is indebted to all foreigners for helping it to be independent.If care is not taken,that will affect the tourism industry of that beautiful country(with some other beautiful people).We as Human Rights Activists ,we have already asked for sanctions to be imposed against the RSA.And we are also now asking all countries not to allow their people to.go there as tourists ,until sanity is restored.Otherwise those tourists will be killed by that ‘ Dudula terrorist group’.And we are very serious with this issue.No life of another must be lost for just being in a country that is not theirs .No life of another must be unlawfully taken in any country.The world is a ‘Global Village’ now.South Africa is connected to other countries,so South Africans must not allow to be disconnected to the world just because of a minority of idiots who are xenophobic.South Africans who are xenophobic ,must stop that. South Africans who violet human rights of others ,must stop that.South Africans who are unlawfully killing foreigners in the RSA,must desist from doing that . ‘Say no to xenophobia ,human rights abuse and unlawful killing of another’ . Article by Njabulo libertyatliberty at gmail dot com.

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