Journalist Grilled For Calling Chamisa A Little Child

The editor of The Sunday Mail, a state-run paper, Victoria Ruzvidzo, has come under fire for calling Nelson Chamisa who leads opposition MDC Alliance a little errant child.

Ruzvidzo made the remarks while interviewing President Emmerson Mnangagwa recently. She said:

An errant child would get a bit of a sjambok to whip them into line, either physically or through other measures, maybe counselling. What are we doing with this child of ours, Nelson Chamisa?

Commenting on Ruzvidzo’s remarks, award-winning journalist and documentary filmmaker, Hopewell Chin’ono said her speech was devoid of journalism ethics. Chin’ono said:

It is shocking and professionally unacceptable that the editor of the @SundayMailZim, Victoria Ruzvidzo, would equate @nelsonchamisa to a little kid that needs a sjambok! It just shows how deplorable this regime and its surrogates have descended from the gutter into the sewer!

UK-based law lecturer, Alex Magaisa said the remarks reminds of the colonial era when African males, no matter their age, were called boys by Europeans. He said:

“An errant child would get a bit of a sjambok to whip them into line, either physically or through other measures, maybe counselling. What are we doing with this child of ours, Nelson Chamisa?” says the editor of state paper @SundayMailZim Victoria Ruzvidzo

There’s so much that’s wrong with this. For a start, the irony is that the Black man was regarded as a “boy” during colonial times & in an interview to commemorate independence the editor of a state paper describes the opposition leader as a “child”, literally a boy!
Mnangagwa instinctively raises his head and looks up, and probably grins underneath that mask but he realises the gaffe & by referring to “Mr Chamisa”, he tries to distance himself from the derogatory image. But he missed an opportunity to show leadership.
A leader would have been more forthright in bringing the interviewer to order; to tell her it’s inappropriate to call his political opponent supported by millions a “child”. Victoria probably thinks she did a fine job. And we haven’t even talked about the violence!
I don’t know what the “biblical code” or is it “cord” that Mnangagwa was on about! He probably meant “umbilical cord”, but as this was a pre-recorded interview, one wonders whether someone was out to embarrass the man. Mugabe had some rambling interviews but this? Disaster!🙆🏾‍♀️

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12 comments on “Journalist Grilled For Calling Chamisa A Little Child

  1. When u act childish and lack reasoning capacity to a point u supporting a foreigner needs instead of ur own….surely u will get that title ‘boy’

    1. Zimbabweans you will remain suffering if you don’t change your attitude and keep embracing zanu pf please ahead

    2. Mr Nelson Chamisa is undoubtedly the official opposition leader in Zimbabwe having received more than 2 million votes from the electorate in the last election. He could well be president of Zimbabwe if the electoral process was fair and not propelled in Zanu PFs favour by a captured ZEC, a captured judiciary and highly unprofessional army which brought the same regime into power via a coup. Now for the overzealous but misinformed journalist Victoria Ruvimbo to refer to Mr Chamisa as a child is grossly irresponsible. This proves how much she doesn’t know and is only keeping her job because of Zanu PF. Need she be reminded together with like minded varakashi people that Zanu PF does not own Zimbabwe and will not be in power forever. And for Mr Mnangagwa’s assertion that Mr Chamisa has a “biblical cord” with the USA, whatever that means is absurd. Certainly if Mr Chamisa can single handedly call for international sanctions on Zimbabwe, then he’s the most powerful man in the country. If he can do that then Mr Mnangagwa should have way immediately so that the young president can move the nation forward. These hallucinations by Zanu PF’s sympathizers and renegades of the true liberation Party masquerading as true comrades should stop. Nobody wants anymore bloodshed but never mistake patience and tolerance for fear or cowardice. This Zimbabwe belongs to every Zimbabwean and no one even Mnangagwa should think he’s more Zimbabwean than anyone else.

  2. That’s all bootlicking policts of stomach infrastructure gukuraundist propaganda on display wat a shame

  3. Chamisa is a boy considering his actions in politics. He must mature in his approach in politics. Instead he is a fool making other people suffer because of his I am impossible attitude.

  4. We have to respect opposition President Nelson Chamisa of the MDC Alliance he must be respected at all. He is important to us Zimbabweans

  5. Does the misinformed journalist acknowledge that Mr Chamisa was voted by more than 2 million respectable Zimbabweans in the last election?

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