Hwende Trends On Twitter After Lilian Timveos Made Several Claims Against Him

MDC Alliance  Secretary-General Chalton Hwende has been trending on Twitter after former MDC Senator Lilian Timveos made sensational claims against Hwende including calling him an evil person who wanted to destroy the party single-handedly.

Here is what is being said by Twimbos on Twitter as Hwende trends:

James Lawrence Sedze

Suddenly I have become a CIO agent just becoz I am criticising our leadership, in trying to be an eye opener in the party. That’s another problem, let’s accept positive criticism that’s how the party grows. Call me all sorts of names, I will not stop. Hwende must be investigated



I’m with you on the Hwende issue.. Too many loopholes in his closet. And if you look closely, some of the things he posts, to think that it’s coming from a whole SG of the party, mmmmmh, it leaves a lot to be desired.


Ronald Matenga

Hwende is a very good guy but a bad communicator.


Mbuya Gudo From Dotito

During congress i warned MDC about having best friends who are also business partners at the top of an organisation. Hazvibudi!!! Hwende comes here bagging for money while treasury Coltart is there. When Hopewell wrote only a few tweets he was bashed by MDC youth.

One of the biggest challenges that opposition faces in 2023 is how to reduce the 2/3 that Zanu pf are enjoying at the moment. People like Hwende must understand this : A strong leader with a weak organisation haatongi. A weak leader with a strong organisation anotonga .ED


Napoleon Nyakudya

The SG might not be a perfect or likeable character to some but that letter by Lillian was also meant to sow seeds of confusion and doubt within the party and sadly this is exactly what is happening. Communicationwise the SG ought to leave the party spox to do her job.


Davis Laque\

That response by Madam Timvous has to be the funniest thing I’ve read this year.

Imagine Hwende making all those people cry in meetings. Rolling on the floor laughing


But I agree on being strategic with communications. But dont forget the SG is legally mandated to also communicate on behalf of the party.


Baba Marcus 

Comrade how can you appoint a 8am to 5pm individual to manage the communication department in the party?.


Hwende is busy with his logistics business…


Busy in his Biti chambers


Busy in Coltart Chambers


Busy in Ncube Chambers


And you expect to defeat Zanupf



There is nothing wrong with expecting delivery from an SG.


But there is everything wrong with reading & believing allegations thrown by a #Zanupf member. Why would she protect Hwende, Chamisa or MDC Alliance. Damage to MDC is good for their party Zanupf. Musangohakire macdes


Never Maswerasei

I have since learned that anybody who leaves the MDC faction misled by Chamisa has always been a sellout & ZANU PF agent. Only Chamisa & Hwende are upright fragments. I have also learned that all supporters of this faction believe Chamisa is a god of sorts. I wish them the best.


Hopewell Chin’ono

Whilst joining ZANUPF is crazy. The letter written by @lilimikoro  to MDCA Sec-General, Charlton Hwende, should make the MDC reflect if everything she says in there is true.

A political party should be a potpourri of ideas not a perpetual conspiracy den.


My open advice to @nelsonchamisa is that; He should build a party with competent leaders not bootlickers! Take criticism constructively.


Those that cry for you more than the bereaved are empty, that is why they rely on bootlicking! History & people are on your side!


Simba Chiruka

Hwende must go



So @hwendec is fighting Job for #31July, Fadzi, Ncube yet he protected Masotcha? There is need for supporters to be reassured by those at the top. President @nelsonchamisa needs to stamp his authority and deal decisively with his friend. 

Mr Hwende should resign!


Solomon Harudzibwi

While i understand that Hwende is not the sharpest tool in the shade that can’t be the reason why you joined Zanu PF. While Hwende might be destroying MDCA, it surely can’t be the reason why you suddenly joined a party that had destroyed generations, Magara muriko


Tich Ray

The irony of Lillian Timveos calling SG Chalton Hwende an evil person while joining Zanu PF, the evilest of all evil political formations in world.



Your mother is beheaded by zanu and you lose all your properties, oftentimes sleeping in curves then yu wake up one day supporting zanu and claim I was abused by Hwende. Aaa

We must all understand this reality. There is no genuine opposition that joins or work with zanu pf. Never. Hwende might have his own issues we will deal with but people must rejoin in peace. From serious opposition to state house red carpet! Tinyareiwo


Matira Precious

The take home message is that the alliance is not foreign funded. If the lady used to finance the Midlands province as purported, then the MDC Alliance is, contrary to propaganda, a fully home grown political entity


Advocate Gashirai 

Personally I don’t know y MDCA can’t see beyond hwende the man is beyond being incompetent he will sink your ship he is a retrogressive non performer cut from the same cloth as Komichi who is simply kept within the ranks becoz someone likes him. MDCA leadership can do better.

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