SA’s Deployment Of Helicopters, Boats On Border A Waste Of Time – Chin’ono

Zimbabwean freelance journalist and filmmaker Hopewell Chin’ono says while the South African government has a sovereign right to police its borders and stop Zimbabweans from crossing illegally, the problem can only be solved if the root cause is addressed.

This comes after South Africa’s Home Affairs Minister Aaron Motsoaledi said they have deployed military helicopters to hover over the Limpopo River and police boats on the water.

Chin’ono believes that the reason why Zimbabweans flock to South Africa is due to the dire economic situation in the country caused by the ruling ZANU PF party’s incompetence and egregious corruption.

South Africa’s ruling African National Congress (ANC) should stop supporting the political rot in Zimbabwe by pushing Harare to implement political reforms. Chin’ono wrote on Facebook:

Dear South Africans.

You have a right to police your borders like any sovereign country should be doing. However, you need to identify the problem first that brings Zimbabweans to South Africa and then address it.

President Ramaphosa stands in solidarity with President Mnangagwa’s regime which authors unemployment and has destroyed the job opportunities that Zimbabweans seek in your country.

It is a political problem that will remain in place until it is solved and when your own political elites in the MyANC stop supporting the political rot in Harare directly or implicitly.

Let us meet here in 6 months time, Zimbabweans will continue to come to South Africa legitimately and illegally.
Nature works that way!!!

Zimbabwe’s problem can’t be resolved with military helicopters, they need a political and economic solution, and it can only happen when your government stops underwriting a corrupt regime in Harare!

You might say it is none of your business, but it will remain your business as long as the crisis remains because Zimbabweans will keep coming!

Consider Zimbabweans as a poor child, and consider your employers as a rich child next door. Now the rich child is told not to play with the poor child next door, but the poor child carries anything heavy for the rich child.

So the parents of the rich child will never stop their child interacting with the poor child who has taken the role of a slave or cheap labour in the SA-Zim context!

Now when the poor children next door make noise to their father about the circumstances, the parents of the rich child give the parents of the poor child a sjambok to beat his kids.

That is the role your government has played in our affairs, ZANU-PF lost an election in 2008 and your government did everything possible to make sure that the winner didn’t become the president.

By returning ZANU-PF, the economic malaise continued, and it gave birth to Zimbabweans crossing the border to your country to look for jobs!

Who do you blame my South Africans friends?

You have asked Zimbabweans to fight for their constitutional rights, but each time they do that, they are jailed and when the matter goes to SADC, your government supports Mnangagwa’s government.

It is time we as citizens realize that the political elites are the problem and stop insulting each other.

This helicopter solution is done to hoodwink you into thinking that Zimbabweans won’t be coming anymore.

I have news for you, they will keep coming. Ramaphosa knows the soliton, but he doesn’t have the backbone to implement it. The solution is political, it requires your government to tell Mnangagwa the truth.

John Vorster your apartheid Prime Minister had mettle, he told Ian Smith the truth and the same problem was resolved!

You NEVER fix a problem by treating its symptoms, you deal with what has caused the symptoms to appear.

I know that my South African brothers and sisters love Oliver Mtukudzi’s music, he had a song which asked us to deal with the issue that has brought a headache.

The headache is a symptom of something that has gone wrong. “Rapa Chaita Musoro Uteme,” he sang. It simply means treat that which has caused a headache!

Those helicopters are merely painkillers, you need a proper solution, not a pain killer!

Ask Cyril Ramaphosa to stand up and be a leader and help fix this problem once and for all!


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