Mawarire Calls For Mnangagwa’s Impeachment For “Serious Misconduct” {Full Thread}

Spokesperson of the National Patriotic Front (NPF), Jealousy Mawarire, has called for all Members of Parliament to come together and impeach President Emmerson Mnangagwa for alleged  “serious misconduct”.

Mawarire says President Mnangagwa is endangering Zimbabwean citizens’ health by his nonchalant response to the COVID-19 crisis.

The outspoken journalist-cum politician said the absence of; a Health Minister, Health Ministry Permanent Secretary, Medical Directors for all referral hospitals, top management at NatPharm, and also the absence of doctors and nurses in hospitals in the middle of a pandemic constitute serious misconduct on Mnangagwa’s part, hence the call for his impeachment. Mawarire posted on Twitter:

With COVID-19 cases on the increase, Zimbabwe has a President who doesn’t have a minister of health in the cabinet, no health perm sec, all referral hospitals have no medical directors, Natpharm, the central medical store has no directors, hospitals have no doctors and nurses.

Without all those medical response variables pertinent in the face of the devastating COVID-19 pandemic, President Mnangagwa only thinks about locking citizens at home in the foolish hope that staying at home without a concomitant robust medical response will combat COVID-19.

It is time that every Zimbabwean demand their elected MPs to move a motion to IMPEACH President Mnangagwa. He has failed. Which leader can go to war without any army commander, without field marshals, without a fighting force and still believe people will take him seriously?

President Mnangagwa is pretending to lead us into battle against COVID-19 without an army commander (Minister of Health), without a Chief of Staff (Perm Sec), without field marshals (Medical Directors at hospitals) without fighting forces (doctors and nurses), without a functional armoury (Natpharm), without ammunition (medication and PPEs).

A leader who does that is not only endangering his army but the citizens that the army is supposed to protect. Any Pres who exhibits such nonchalance and extreme dereliction of duty should be IMPEACHED.

It is worse when the same Pres, in the face of such a serious health challenge like COVID-19, believes the humour derived from his confession that he used to steal medical supplies meant for freedom fighters during the war so he could sell and buy himself a beer.

What are we supposed to think when he shows extreme nonchalance in the face of COVID-19 and when allegations fly around that individuals linked to him or his family are capitalising on the pandemic to make business for themselves?

What are we supposed to believe when State House is turned into a medical store where every medical donation is made? Should we be forced to believe an individual who finds humour in the fact that he used to steal medical supplies for sick and injured freedom fighters, can look after medical supplies meant for COVID-19?

Fellow Zimbabweans let us demand that our MPs take the President to task over his response to COVID-19 especially the fact that he is running a health sector without a health minister, perm sec, hospitals medical directors, doctors, nurses and a central medical store.

Our MPs (Senate & National Assembly) should, for the benefit of our citizens, IMPEACH the President on account of his response to COVID-19. Our Constitution has a provision for that in Section 97.

Pres Mnangagwa’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic, epitomised by his careless leadership whereupon he is running a govt without a substantive Health Minister, a health ministry Perm Sec, no medical directors in referral hospitals, no doctors, no nurses is “serious misconduct”.

Such “serious misconduct ” warrants the removal of the President as provided for under section 97 of the constitution. His dereliction of duty, seen by his attitude of running a govt without substantive health personnel in the face of Covid-19 pandemic calls for his IMPEACHMENT.

The Pres, because of his actions, is endangering lives of citizens he is supposed to protect as provided in sec 29 of the const. Citizens’ right to life is provided for in sec 48 of the const & the Pres, or any other person, shouldn’t take away that right thru errors of omission or commission.

It shouldn’t matter your MP is Zanu-PF, MDC-A or NPF, if your MP doesn’t see the need & pertinence of IMPEACHING ED now, on account of his lack of seriousness in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, don’t vote for that MP again in 2023 because they don’t care about you.

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One Comment on “Mawarire Calls For Mnangagwa’s Impeachment For “Serious Misconduct” {Full Thread}

  1. Ed should have been up on mass murder charges years ago but Zimbabweans are so pathetic they have let him become thier new incarcerator so enjoy and keep fucking up everything it suits you wasters

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