Fuel Shortages Being Caused By Logistical Glitches In Procurement – ZERA

ZERA through its acting CEO Eddington Mazambani has said fuel shortages are being caused by logistical challenges in the fuel procurement system, The Chronicle reports.  This comes after fuels queues resurfaced in some parts of the country particularly in Harare which has fueled speculation on social media that a fuel price hike is imminent.

Speaking to the publication Mr Mazambani said:

The current shortages are attributed to fuel logistical glitches experienced in the fuel procurement system by oil companies which created a gap in supply chain resulting in the demand surpassing supply. Supplies are expected to improve to match the increased demand

It is true that the relaxation of the restrictions put in place during the initial phase of the lockdown has led to increased economic activity, increased movements of vehicles. The artificial surplus experienced during the first phase of the lockdown has therefore disappeared. Plans are underway to improve supplies by this weekend.

Mr Mazambani also said lockdowns in various countries have not impacted the country’s fuel supplies and for the problem to permanently vanish the country needs to generate foreign currency.

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  1. Appoint a competent apolitical CEO who will have the acumen to plan ahead and negate these fuel shortages and so called, word of the moment, “challenges”. If the reserve bank has no forex to buy fuel then be upfront and tell the nation!

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