Do Not Draw A False Equivalency, Comparing Chamisa Wearing PPE To Chiwenga Wearing PPE – Hopewell Chino’ono

Popular journalist Hopewell Chin’ono has rebuked people who were drawing a parallel between a photo of the youthful MDC leader Nelson Chamisa and Vice President Constantino Chiwenga. Chino’no wrote on Facebook and said:

Some ZANUPF supporters and sympathisers have drawn a false equivalency, comparing Chamisa wearing PPE to Chiwenga wearing PPE yesterday in Marondera.

Chiwenga is a Vice President of a regime or State which is required by and at law to provide PPE to doctors and nurses in all public hospitals!

Chamisa is not in central government, but opposition.

He has NO such legal obligation to provide PPE to doctors and nurses in public hospitals.

Using that faulty example as some did deliberately or out of ignorance is no different to using a picture of your friend wearing PPE to justify Chiwenga wearing PPE when he has failed to provide the same to his doctors!

A court ruled this week that the Government or Zimbabwe in which Chiwenga is a Vice President should provide PPE without fail, it didn’t say Chamisa or any other person.

So those of us who posted the picture of Chiwenga wearing PPE whilst the nurses and doctors around him didn’t have any, did so based on that self evident background!

There is a very anti intellectual habit rooted in ZANUPF partisan politics of always looking for an equivalent to justify ZANUPF failures.

Unfortunately these are always false equivalencies!

False Equivalency means that one is using a logical fallacy in which an equivalence is drawn between two subjects based on flawed or false reasoning.

This fallacy is categorized as a fallacy of inconsistency.

A colloquial expression of false equivalency is “comparing apples and oranges.”

Chiwenga’s government should provide PPE to nurses and doctors.

What Chiwenga did is similar to a dad who sits in a shed whilst it is raining whilst his family is outside being hit by the rain, it is selfish.

Social media had been bashing the MDC leader after he was seen wearing PPE while people around him were not wearing any protective equipment.

Source: Facebook

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One Comment on “Do Not Draw A False Equivalency, Comparing Chamisa Wearing PPE To Chiwenga Wearing PPE – Hopewell Chino’ono

  1. But chamisa is a leader of a party that control urban councils that also run critical health facilities that employ health personel. Chiwenga after all was just promoting PPE. AND AT LEAST ALL AROUND HIM ARE WEARING PPE

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