Govt Expands List Of Essential Services During Lockdown

The government has gazetted Statutory Instrument 86 of 2020 which widens the list of essential services, that is, services which can still be offered during the 21-day national lockdown.

SI86 of 2020 was gazetted to amend SI83 of 2020 which carried the initial list of essential services permitted to operate in the lockdown. According to The Herald, the services added to the list include:

… funeral parlour operators and coffin manufacturers and sellers; manufacturers and distributors of medical supplies relevant to combat COVID-19 and other medical emergencies; suppliers of agricultural inputs and stock feed; supply and distribution of veterinary requirements for domesticated farm and non-farm animals and cattle dipping.

For transport, Ethiopian Airways was gazetted as the sole airline operating in Zimbabwe for the purposes of bringing in emergency supplies and other travel services.

The airline is being used to bring in ventilators, face masks, sanitisers and, other essential medical requirements.

SI 86 of 2020 has also added boats and other marine forms of transport in areas where these are the normal mode of transport, and also the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange has been deemed essential.

More: The Herald


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