Patson Jaure’s Football Career Still Uncertain – Expert

Dembare’s skipper Patson Jaure‘s football career remains uncertain after the football star was involved in an accident last week and had to undergo a delicate surgery to mend his fractured skull, The Chronicle reports.

A sports medical expert spoke to the publication and said:

It’s early days yet. His ability to get back to the field can only be determined after he has fully recovered and the return to rehabilitation starts, but for now its really difficult to say with certainty that he will play again. We are all praying and hoping for the best.

We have seen medical miracles, anything is possible and at the moment I can only pray, just like everyone, that Jaure gets back to the field. Head injuries are sensitive in their nature, but we are taking solace in that the operation itself was a success. Basing on that, we remain hopeful, although I cannot put my head on the block.

Jaure is out of the ICU and was said to be recovering well after the surgery as his team said they are happy with his progress report.

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