Responses To Supreme Court Ruling Which Reduced Chamisa To Secretary For Policy In MDC

Social media users have responded differently to the Supreme Court ruling in the MDC power wrangle casein which both Nelson Chamisa and Thokozani Khupe were claiming to be the legitimate leaders of the party.

The Supreme Court upheld the High Court judgment which said that Khupe was the party’s legitimate leader.

The ruling means that Chamisa is now a mere secretary for policy, the position he held in 2015. Below are some of the responses to the ruling.

Pedzisai Ruhanya:

The court and ZANU PF has their leader.

Joanah Mamombe:

It’s Clear they knew exactly what was contained in that judgement! Where did Mr Morgen Komichi get the speech he was reading out to the Journalists?? This is ridiculous, A predetermined #Judgement🤣#ChamisaMyPresident


I told you folks that: •@nelsonchamisa was illegitimate. He sneaked in through the window. •While Tsvangirai was in the morgue, Wamba was making macabre manouvres to illegally grab power. •Mlevu & Mbudziyadhura can now advise their illegitimate MDC. @hwendec @xandatoto

Billy Masara:

trust no one, Mwonzora & Komichi were in the house but busy cozying with the illiterate regime & its enablers. let this be a lesson to everyone, to be trusted is better compliment than being loved

Hopewell Chin’ono:

I urge Zimbabweans to be calm. Harvest House is not owned by the MDC. It is a good thing that the political charlatans we always told you about led by @DMwonzora will now be flushed out. @nelsonchamisa must reach out to @DrNkosana & @drnmanyika & build a REAL STRONG movement!

Jones Musara:

The Supreme Court has spoken bringing to conclusion Khupe as the sole legitimate leader of MDC and Chamisa as illegitimate leader.

Chamisa should embrace his legitimate post of MDC Secretary for Policy and Research and work his way up legitimately!

Glen Sungano Mpani:

My fear is with @nelsonchamisa a lawyer and his-top leadership and his advisory made up of lawyers they will go back to the courts . Don’t sanitize this #Coronajudgement by approaching the courts . THIS A POLITICAL MATTER BEYOND THE COURTS.

Siphosami Malunga:

If everything related to Chamisa since Morgan’s death is illegitimate, so is the presidential election in which he “illegitimately” represented the MDC & the ConCrt decision which recognized his locus standi. So too is the presidency of Mnangagwa. Let’s have new elections now!

Tendai Biti:

The judgement affects an entity called the MDC-T not MDC Alliance.
We are the MDC Alliance and our President is Nelson Chamisa.

Energy Mutodi:

Way fwd for Chamisa is simply to step down & allow a fresh Congress where Biti, Sikhala, Mwonzora, Khupe & others contest for the post. A Democratic Party must not fail the test of democracy

Happi Zengeni:

Full security presence
Chamisa judgment

Hamupinde mu road

It would have been fair had she not contested, but she actually got -1% of votes!

Team Pachedu:

Where will Khupe get the supporters?

ZANU-PF should be kind enough to donate some of their supporters to Thokozani Khupe.




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14 comments on “Responses To Supreme Court Ruling Which Reduced Chamisa To Secretary For Policy In MDC

  1. Khupe has a party in which she is represented by one Mp in the parliament and as well Politics is not all about courts ,it’s all about the vote inatead

  2. Khupe has a party in which she is represented by one Mp in the parliament and as well Politics is not all about courts ,it’s all about the vote instead

  3. This judgemement will make Nero a very strong leader. Leaders are processed through pain. Courts do not produce leaders but the masses. Ccc all the way.

  4. Leaders are processed through pain. This will make CCC stronger than before. Watch the space. Courts are there to defend democracy. Ediot’s days are numbered.

  5. U never get a plate of sadza from the toilet,zim courts are toilets all we know hard chamisa it’s now cleared that u won elections
    zanu yabuda pachena kuti inokutya ko majaji akazopawo vatungamiriri here

  6. Hahaha. Politics is a dirty game for sure! That is the result of getting power unprocedurely and by heavy handed tactics or the use of treachery. It will come back to bite you somehow. Although Chamisa is massively popular and a more talented politician than Khupe, this victory goes to Khupe and indirectly props up Zanu by destroying the MDC and it’s dangerous Chamisa. Chamisa should re-strategise and reinforce. He is talented enough. But separating his politics from harvest house, it could never be a proper mdc!

  7. Khupe can be the court preferred leader of MDC T but Chamisa is the Leader of MDC Alliance. This is a Corona judgement indeed.

  8. The zimbabwean courts that sanitised the 2017 coup was not going to give a fair judgement. The courts are captured and all government entities unfortunately leaders are chosen by the people not by the courts.Khuphe contested under MDC-T ticket and she failed to gunner meaningful votes, now the courts have given her the MDC Alliance presidency and she is very happy forgeting that people dont like her, people like Chamisa.
    Even if khupe is given every assets that MDC Alliance have, at Harvest House still she will fail again.Ian Douglas Smith had everything that could make him win the war, but he was deafted, Why,because people didnt liked the Rodesian government just like this government which is not people s government.

  9. Most people do not follow events carefully. Khupe did not want any alliance hence she absconded meetings aimed at uniting. By this if she was to be acting after the death of MT, the party was going to be given up to zanu pf and elections were going to be just a proceedure to ascendance of Mnangagwa. Why, because she belongs there and proof is the polad. Today there would be no real opposition save for Mai Mujuru to solace her grief of being an adversary to Mnangagwa. Well she can be in an office but to lead is another. Actually on the congress she will be surprised to see Mwonzora on the front hence the demise of her big ambition. The two guys are real crooks and can grab any chance that comes there way. Mark my words.

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