FULL TEXT: EFF Zimbabwe Calls For The Africanisation Of Education

1.Radical change for many and not for the few
2.Radical change for the better and not for the worst
3.Radical change for more and not for the less.

Being guided by the words of Frantz Fanon “Each generation must out of relative obscurity, discover its mission, fulfil it or betray it” Our decision as EFF Zim Student command is to fulfil our generational mandate.

The sorry state of Zimbabwean education calls for immense radical change. The colonial features and remnants of oppressive rule in the education system of Zimbabwe call for students to stand up and fight to restore the Africanness of education.

It is a public secret that many of the policies being enacted by state institutions in any way highlight the high polarization in our nation. Policies are being enacted by the ” Elite for the Elites “.

For example, recently the Great Zimbabwe University has opted to use google class whilst Midlands State University has indicated it will opt WhatsApp for conducting lectures as Covid -19 has dispersed students from their learning houses.

It is important for policymakers to understand the swampy state of our nation. Looking at very high data tariffs, only the elite will be able to attend all online lectures.

The point is, educational policies should be friendly enough to accommodate everyone and every student. It should be noted that 60 % of Zimbabwe is rural and network is a great deal problem. Are these state institutions in realisation of this, I doubt that.

Post-1980, the government lost its capacity to understand the aspirations of its people. Many remain oppressed, exploited and unliberated from economic and social bondage. HOW CAN WE ACHIEVE ECONOMIC FREEDOM AS A COUNTRY WHEN STATE INSTITUTIONS CONTINUE TO EXPLOIT THE VULNERABLE STUDENTS.

As of now many students are not yet registered, a lot have already deferred WHY because of hostile education policies which only support the elite class.

Although Section 20 of the Constitution stipulates how institutions should make the provision of education to everyone this is not in practice. Students have tried to demonstrate against high fees but the responsible authorities would simply disregard the Voice Of The Students.

Deep research would unleash high exercise of corruption in these state institutions. Corruption has been institutionalized at the expense of the vulnerable citizens, abuse of public offices is witnessed in our learning institutions. AND WHAT ARE WE DOING AS STUDENTS? Surprisingly nothing because we believe we have been overpowered. When we Demonstrate they tell us you are suspended.

In as much as they can threaten us, they can never silence a revolution because it is inevitable. Things gotta change. Students possess the voice to be heard as we are the future of tomorrow.

EFF Zim vouches for:

(a) Fees Must Fall Agenda.

(b) All African students should pay the same amount of fees. We are brothers and sisters, why do my brother from Namibia has to pay more than a Zimbabwean student? It has to start with us. That is the Africa we dream of! That is the Africa we should make (unity of Africa)

(c) advance free education as of the provision given by section 20 of our law of the land.

(d) Revision of elitist promoting policies such as the use of google class and WhatsApp for learning during the lockdown. Policies should be friendly to everyone. That’s the Zimbabwe we want The future we want.

(e) promote research and advocacy for the betterment of Zimbabwe, adherence to the principles of ubuntu, pan Africanism as Kwame Nkurumah dreamt of.

This justifies our call for a fight against polarization, economic exploitation, economic manipulation, corruption, colonial features of administration whereby policies are enacted only to benefit a few.

EFF Student Command stands with the students and ordinary citizens being ambushed by the government of the day.

Radical ,leftist ,anti-capitalists ,anti-imperialist we stand .

EFF student Command
National President

Mutsauri Everton.

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One Comment on “FULL TEXT: EFF Zimbabwe Calls For The Africanisation Of Education

  1. Kkkkk this guy needed to go to a school so he could learn and not talk stupidity. These types of people should be the ones we deal with first and foremost, EFF has a group IQ to low to even open a scud yet alone think about education.

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