WATCH: “We’re Not Closing Churches, Corona Can’t Survive In Jesus’ Body.” – Tanzania President Magufuli

The president of Tanzania, John Magufuli has said that his country will not close places of worship because the novel coronavirus cannot survive in the body of Jesus.

Magufuli who has a PhD in chemistry from The University of Dar es Salaam (2009) described the virus as the “devil”. He said:

We are not closing places of worship. That’s where there is true healing. Corona is the devil and it cannot survive in the body of Jesus.

Scientists are however yet to tell the origins of the virus which emerged in China in December 2019. The virus has since been declared a pandemic has so far killed over 10 000 people globally and infected over 200 000 people.

Watch the video below for more.

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33 comments on “WATCH: “We’re Not Closing Churches, Corona Can’t Survive In Jesus’ Body.” – Tanzania President Magufuli

    1. pple sit in your churches with diabetes high blood pressure some wear glasses…explain that…most clergy have medical aid …explain that…he will close them soon enough watch the space

    2. coronavirus cannot survive in the body of Jesus. He’s right.jesus body does not exist for 2000 years. But a Christian church gathering in South Korea was the biggest source of infection. Watch….

    1. so you are telling me there is no faith in Europe ? why does he have medical aid… he will be repsonsible for the death of many… he will close them soon enough watch the space.

      1. I really thank God for the fact that President put his trust in Jesus Christ who is the ultimate healer….Praise be the God Almighty .


    1. i promise you he has an emergency plan if HE catches Corona , a plane ready for europe and a respirator…but when congregants get sick he willbe helpless…he will close them soon enough watch the space

  1. These are not different from the days of the prophets of old. I have asked myself many questions. Quarantine and isolation are not submission to rudimentary principles of nature whereas Christian are supposed to be supernatural in conduct. God bless you and be with you for defying the natural and carnal orders. They will insult you but I stand with you by faith.

  2. May President Uhuru Kenyatta learn from President and priest Pombe Magufuli, Corona can be defeted by the blood of Jesus Christ, and not handwash, isolation/ quarantine or even lockdown. GOD HAS THE SOLUTION TO EVERY PROBLEM

    1. We are in a scientific world and not closing down church doors may end up as the most stupid decision..God has given mankind sence to deal with situations pertaining to development pt modernity.

    2. so why not for every other illness ? why corona ? why do you sent your child to clinic if he gets a cold? will u be lacking faith…he will kill people by this ….he will close them soon enough trust me

  3. Glory b to God, there’s always a remnant. May God give us such leaders in Nigeria.
    I stand with the president of Tanzania.
    Jesus Christ is the answer for the world today.

    1. Nigeria! The pastors dat conducted services on Sunday we’re abused by Nigerian even christain n “pastors” claiming they disobeyed the law of the Land.we walk by sight not by faith .God bless Tanzanian for walking by faith.

  4. God will continue to uphold a spiritual leader who can acknowledge power of God like this president, thank God for your life sir, Jesus is solution to every situation in the world.

  5. hallelujah Glory to God in the highest.
    God bless you President and deliver your country from this scourge so that all May know and truelly dear the living God.

  6. May the Almighty God be with you and strengthen u to rules ur country as true ambassador of Christ. God is proud of you. Remain blessed.

  7. Why is everyone commending this President?
    We are not in the year 532 BCE. The same God has given us the intelligence to be Doctors and make smart decisions to safe guard ourselves. We still have to pray but must act smart before things get out of hand. People should read about the bubonic plague in Europe in medievial times. 1/3 of the European population died. The President needs to wise up.

    1. true my brother Quarintine is not lack of faith..even isrel did not survive on miracles alone..they also used quarantine…all these pple commenting here have medical aid or buy medication…a lot of blood is going to be on his hands

  8. as much as miracles are perfomed ask yoself why they ar different from biblical ones…iam yet to see a miracle done outside e churches in roads hospitals or disabled pples homes…or someone with a physical deformaty being coŕrected like leprocy or dead raised…Paul prophecied that one day these gifts will cease 1 Corinth 8-13 this prophecy came to pass in our century…Mr president close all gatherings else blood is in your hands,,if u believe in 1st century miracles then please sir remove ambulance from your motorcade.remove your medical aid and fire your private doctor

  9. May the Good LORD keep you as your crown of gold awaits you in heaven. May you rule forever till His kingdom come and takeover everything.

  10. people should know Who God real is!he is the first an the end dont trust on our leaders poor an limited solutions they can mislead u.satan has limited time on earth and he want swipe Gods pple but jesus didnt die forthe the sake but he did to save mankind so fear God but not corona thed deadly virus wil come wil uwash ua hand and quarantine?watch patiently and keep praying

  11. Amen. Many people go to church for nothing & still babies. This is the time the church needs to stand strong in a God kind of faith! Stop acting like everyone else in the world! The devil is at work so must the church. We are more powerful then the enemy any sickness or diseases. Coronavirus will kill you yes because of your fear! Fight back! God has already completed us IN CHRIST!

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