12 Things War Veterans Are Demanding

The government on November 1, 2019, gazetted the Veterans of the Liberation Struggle Bill to establish a board that will address their rights, welfare and benefits, among other issues.

The Bill, HB 15 (2019), will repeal the War Veterans Act and the Ex-Political, Prisoners, Detainees and Restrictees Act.

Here is a list of what the war veterans expect to be incorporated into the new law:

  1. Pension
  2. Medical and dental care
  3. Educational Assistance
  4. Funeral Assistance
  5. Gratuity
  6. Clear categorization of the Veterans of the Liberation Struggle members
  7. Tax and Duty exemption
  8. Quota system in Parliament and all government institutions and agencies
  9. Automatic promotion of serving veterans of the liberation struggle in State institutions
  10. Diplomatic passports
  11. Bravery medals and new identity cards
  12. Compensation of war victims and veterans of the liberation struggle living with disabilities

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2 comments on “12 Things War Veterans Are Demanding

  1. the war vets are very stupit they destroyed the farming in zim by taking land that was being used productively where the gvt used to get revenue they killed most whites and blacks in zim most of them own land taken by force and they tell the masses NYIKA yakhauya they must be shamed of their foolishness of destroying the industries because they lack knowledge zimbabweans are not free Smith was better if zimbabwe was under Smith life would be better than your greedy independence of thieves you have the farms you thought by taking a white man land you will wake up a farm wake up the country is too poor to meet your demands go to your graves in peace and accept you have destroyed the country that was once the power house of africa zimbabweans were better under colonialism surely it was demons who send you to war to fight a gvt that was not better but atleast there was food jobs and money to prove this if it was God who send you to war you could not have lead the country the way we did you sell the country and tell us lies that white man are bad war vets and zanupf are the worst white people never kill their own how many people have you killed to make sure zanupf stay in power to show you have failed old guys you dont have your own currency you relay on Us dollar so you are useless and cannot lead go back and smoke daggar and farm instead of farming you raped those pigs you took from the white man and think they will multiply you failed you are selfish shame on you the generation of zimbabwe will curse and urinate your graves for destroying their lives and for burning and frying their parents brothers and sisters alive the whole world looks on you and say here are fools where is the money going to come from where is the industries cry old mann cry you have to begg europe to help you actually you were used to do the dirty works of the wise the wise are rich and you are poor shame magandanga you slaughtered people and sell land to chinese may be the chinese will give you your demand zimbabwe will be finr when all you evill war vets are dead and a new clean gvt takes over that builds friendship with both east and worst a gvt tht does not relay of foolish politics of hatred when true zimbabweans lead not malawians like bod when people who rule by knowledge takes over not a gun man without knowledge who want outomatic promotion where they dont qualify what kind of stupidity is this how can a mare gun man become financial direct lack of education id poisonous come to your sense magandanga we real dont like you destroyers of zim mnangagwa cant implement his vision because you threaten the president instead of you helping mnangagwa to develop zim cry beloved zimbabwe cry surely when the righteous rules the nation prospers but when evil people rule the nation cries so is zimbabwe go and eat potatoes and vegetables and shut up you created this proplems

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